Refusing to See Reality

This situation is not unlike how the Canadian bishops treat the abortion scandal of Development & Peace.

They refuse to acknowledge the truth. They refuse to admit they have a problem. Instead, it’s all about “renewal” and “reflection”…and other bullkaka.

And we all know what happens to institutions and civiliations which refuse to admit they have a problem.

Like the drug or gambling addict who refuses to admit his problem (unless you’re lucky to receive a bailout), the Canadian Church does the same thing in seeking to establish a social justice “utopia” while refusing to acknowledge a huge hole in their witness.  In fact, that’s not entirely true.  If it was merely ignoring the problem, that would be bad enough, but when you’re an active player in the problem?  That’s a whole different ball game.

And the longer we wait to fix it, the steeper the price. Not for us, but for our children and their children. 

God help us all.

And we are here in this predicament because of one simple truth:  sin makes you stupid.

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