Reforming Caritas: The Winds, They Are A Changin’

…There, Knight asked, “Is there a uniquely Catholic approach to the global HIV pandemic? And if so, what is it?” Her first answer: “I fear that there may be people here in Vienna this week who would answer that it is one characterized by dogma, hypocrisy, moralizing, and condemnation.” True enough, given the attitude toward the Church’s sexual ethic prevalent in the INGO universe. But did Ms. Knight challenge this caricature? Not really. The best she could manage was to lament that Catholic AIDS workers (the largest group of non-governmental care-providers for people suffering from AIDS) “are still dogged by these criticisms…” (Source)

There’s really nothing worse than a self-righteous progressive. But the good news is that the Vatican is now playing hardball…and that can only be a good thing where Development & Peace is concerned. 

If you are confused about what real social justice is, check out this video.  If you want to give to a worthy charity, check out the site of this incredible young woman who was featured in the video.  Yes, I know, it’s not run by Professional Catholics and you won’t get a tax receipt either. That’s why we should support it.

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