Reflections on Jack Layton’s Death

While Jack Layton’s death should be met with sadness by Canadians, it is important for Catholics and all pro-lifers to know why we should be sad.

We should be sad because Jack Layton had the intellectual and charismatic capacity to do great things for Canada and for the persecuted and the oppressed in this country, but instead chose to do the opposite.  He espoused many beliefs which are completely contrary to the Gospel of  Jesus Christ.  Abortion and sodomy are only two of them.  While he showed many admirable qualities as a human being, to extol and lionize a figure who spent much of his political life promoting causes which undermined and attacked the most helpless of human beings and the human family is not appropriate. 

As Catholics in particular, we are painfully aware of what division and anger this kind of public celebration has brought in the past

On the hopeful side for Jack in his last few years, he seemed to warm up to those who were praying for him:

Well, you could have knocked me over this morning at the Canadian National Prayer Breakfast when NDP Leader Jack Layton shared his newfound insights into the power of prayer. Layton told how, after he had made a public announcement last February about his diagnosis of prostate cancer, he felt “this incredible sense of joy” and like “something was under my wings.” He had no idea why he felt so good, until the emails, cards and conversations began revealing how many people were praying for him. He said he had previously had doubts but now he was convinced. (Source)

People of Faith genuinely love our opponents and we pray for them.  We wish and will only their good.  We hope that Jack was on his way to a heart-felt and genuine conversion to God, even though his politics did not reflect this conversion in the most recent election campaign.

While we commend Jack’s soul to God’s mercy and pray that he came to a final and authentic conversion in his private life before He met God (and there are indeed signs that that was happening), it is necessary as Catholics and pro-lifers not to give blanket public accolades to his public work without acknowledging the serious crimes that he advocated.

A public recognition of a man’s life must take into account not only the good but also the bad.

Please pray for the repose of Jack’s soul.

7 thoughts on “Reflections on Jack Layton’s Death

  1. I see that Deborah Gyapong has bailed out as well in her article in the Catholic Register. She states: “but many positions Mr. Layton espoused — on social responsibility in the mining industry, peace, environmental issues and care for the poor — were shared by many Catholics and dovetailed with campaigns launched by the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace and KAIROS.”

    We all know about D & P and KAIROS don’t we, but Deborah obviously doesn’t.

    Then she says, ““The key thing was his constant theme of hope and love,” said NDP MP Joe Comartin, a Catholic who served on the party’s faith and justice committee. ”

    Last time I looked, all NDP members are pro-abortion, which means that Deborah has lied, again.

    She then quotes the CCCB which gave a disgusting pat on the back.

    She even quotes the “good” Father Rosica. How nice Deborah.

    The only truth she printed was from CLC’s Jim Hughes who spoke of Layton’s father being pro-life and that Layton was a disappointment for not following his father. Actually, from CLC’s site, you can read that Layton as a city councillor, would regularly prod police to arrest pro-lifers who were silently praying at abortion clinics.

    Looks like the Catholic Register is just another rag.

  2. The things she wrote were true, Sean, insofar as “Catholics” said them. I don’t think we can expect much else from the sources she quoted.

    I don’t agree with Deborah’s approach, but she’s not a liar. None of the bishops have excommunicated these politicians. So that means they are still Catholics, at least formally.

    But it does show us once again the gaping hole in the Church’s witness.

    If Jack were Catholic, my good lord, there would be much wailing and floundering about how he was such a great Catholic, with a televised funeral at St. Mikes. Shades of Ted Kennedy.

  3. Gee, Sean. Someone ought to educate you about the difference between journalism and opinion writing and teach you something, too, about making unfounded accusations.


    You owe me an apology.


  4. With all due respect to the man and his family who have just suffered his loss, what we will all see now is a ritual state funeral which imitates in certain vague aspects, the Mass of Christian burial. It will be itself yet another witness and example of what ‘naturally’ occurs when humans attempt to suppress their natural longing for He, the Infinite, pretending Him unreal, so, unworthy, even while hoping He obeys.

    May the Holy Spirit who goes anywhere and works in any way He chooses, bring light and witness, in surprising, undeniable, and public ways, through this event.

  5. Is it true if a person is pro-abortion and pro-homosexual and they claim to be Catholic that they are Catholic? No, of course not.

    John, tell me, do you consider Kennedy or McGuinty or Paul Martin or Jean Chretien or Pierre Trudeau to be a Catholic? Should anyone??? Whether the Catholic Church has excommunicated someone or not, we know, or at least we should know better.

    Deborah, you did lie, you called someone who is publicly anti-Cathlolic, a Catholic.

    Seeking Fr. Rosica is quite interesting and speaking so well of KAIROS and D & P describing them in such a positive way.

    Kevin, the whole article is false. It creates a very false impression of someone who was an anti-Christian bigot. Not one mention of how he encouraged police to arrest pro-lifers and other facts I’ve mentioned. Calling what someone has written lies isn’t breaking any commandments.

    I neglected to mention the article that Deborah wrote so nicely about in her words, “Catholic” Charlie Angus who is pro-abortion and pro-homosexual and was removed from being a lectern by the priest at the church he attended because of such abhorrent, anti-Catholic beliefs and he wouldn’t renounce them. Then, he went on the radio to publicly criticize the priest and that as he stated, like all other anti-Catholics state, “I represent all the people”.

    Paul Dewer, she called him a Catholic and he goes to the United Church and is not a Catholic. Another pro-abortion, pro-homosexual. Calling them Catholics is not true.

  6. Sean, I agree with you that none of these politicians are Catholic.

    I also agree with you that the article did not encompass the whole picture of the Catholic approach. Then again, if it did, it would not have been published.

    To call someone a liar means they are intending to deceive. I don’t believe that of Deborah. Let’s just stick to arguing the points about the article itself and not get into motivations.

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