Reflections from St. Joe’s

The thing about sexual sin is that it is founded on a theological error.   And while most “gay friendly” churches don’t really focus on “old time religion” doctrines, every so often they let some doozies slip….like this one…..

The Trinity is rather different. It’s not three persons competing against each other. It’s one person manifest in three different ways. So, is God really the supreme actor, taking on three different roles, simultaneously?

Uh huh.  God is one person manifested in three ways?  No. That’s what we call modalism and it was condemned by the Church way back in the third century.

It’s not surprising that gay friendly “theologians” don’t really understand or accept the Trinity because they don’t have a proper understanding of what “family” is  —  a reflection of the Trinity!

If your conception of family is all screwed up, it is only logical that your idea of what the Trinity is will be equally erroneous.

Reflection for Trinity Sunday-June 15, 2014 by John Mark Keyes proves it.

One thought on “Reflections from St. Joe’s

  1. This talk (reflections are done in Mass as opposed to MANDAORY homilies) also is consistent with the parish’s overall attitude.. They don’t really like God the Father as that is too “paternalistic”. And Jesus has some overly harsh words to say sometimes, so St Joe’s isn’t comfortable with him (except as “brother”.
    They love the “Spirit” (God’s most recent mode apparently) and that let’s them do what they want (eg Spirit of Vatican II, Spirit of Social Justice, Spirit of LGBT , Spirit of “prophetic” actions against the hierarchical Vatican, etc etc)

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