Redeeming Creation by… reducing our carbon footprint?

The United Church continues to press the “self-destruct” button with all the vigor of a teenager pulling the trigger on an arcade machine. Sadly, it’s working. Membership at the United Church of Canada is falling off a cliff. Yet, they “press on” (pun intended) with their efforts to “blur the boundaries between religion and the broader society.”

Recently, the Moderator of the United Church said that she wants to “help heal creation” by reducing humankind’s “carbon footprint.” Good grief. How about reducing humankind’s sin footprint ? But I guess when the Moderator refuses to state the minimum that her members should believe, the whole notion of sin becomes as obsolete as the Hula Hoop.

I’m sure they have good intentions, but they are tragically misguided on a number of levels.

First, you can never sacrifice Truth in order to gain in popularity. Second, if you make yourself so similar to the secular world and even start claiming that everybody goes to heaven regardless, what’s the incentive for anybody to attend your church? I mean, if I can be saved by living any which way I choose, then I can certainly choose to never attend your church or put any cash in the collection basket.

They’ve really marketed themselves into oblivion.

Please pray for them. And pray for the Catholic Church too. Let this serve as a reminder for those liberal-leaning Catholics who want to water down the Truth, that they may realize the suicidal nature of their efforts.

One thought on “Redeeming Creation by… reducing our carbon footprint?

  1. A passionate love for the Lord Jesus has to be what unites us. Not causes like that.

    Maybe they can organize meetings to pursue civic causes, but if it isn’t all based on being disciples of the Lord, then it’s just a human organization, and doesn’t get any special protection from God. I can see why its losing membership. Why do I have to go to a church to learn about environmentalism, when I can do that by reading the newspaper, or joining an environmentalist group?

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