Reclaim the Rainbow

Greetings on this Pentecost Sunday!

We at Reclaim the Rainbow – Toronto are happy to announce that we have
just launched a blog, Our tagline is
“Keeping the covenant for Ontario’s Catholic students.”

We’ll continue to add content to it and tinker with it in the coming days
and weeks. In the meantime could you please take a look and help spread
the word through your blog.

Thanks and God bless,
Alan Yoshioka, a.k.a. The Sheepcat

About RTRT
Reclaim the Rainbow – Toronto is a policy group of Toronto Catholics who
have experience of SSA, same-sex attraction, either in themselves or among
their loved ones, and who are loyal to the Magisterium. Its membership
partly overlaps with Courage Toronto (established in 1986) and EnCourage
Toronto (which will soon be active); however, as a policy group it is
separate from them and will continue to be. Courage and EnCourage maintain
their own purpose, which is for pastoral and peer support. They are the
only Church-approved apostolates dealing with SSA.

About the Rainbow
Like the human body, the sign of the rainbow can be used to tell the truth
or to tell a lie. The rainbow has been misappropriated as a symbol of
pride in disordered sexual desires and practices. Such pride is neither
necessary nor desirable in countering the insults and other affronts to
human dignity that many people have experienced in connection with their
sexuality. Without malice towards any person or group, we aim to reclaim
the rainbow as the symbol that it properly is of God’s everlasting
covenant love for all people.

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