Rebick Stars On Salt + Light

Hey everyone, get this:   apparently, Judy Rebick, the notorious pro-abortion activist, radical feminist,  and anti-Catholic bigot appeared on this episode of Context with Lorna Dueck, along with another guest to discuss the “Occupy” protests.  Ms. Rebick is described as a “Social Justice” activist.   One of the preambles to the discussion was “What Would Jesus Do?” 

No big deal, right?

Well, apparently this episode was aired by Salt + Light this past Tuesday, according to Vox Cantoris.  Obviously Salt + Light has a deal with Ms. Dueck to air her shows. (See here and here).

But is this appropriate for a Catholic TV station to do?  I don’t think so.  While Salt + Light might not endorse what Judy Rebick endorses, I think it’s totally inappropriate to allow Ms. Rebick to appear on Salt + Light without letting their audience know who she is. Then again, Fr. Rosica gave McGuilty a pass on same-sex “marriage” and abortion too when he interviewed him, so no big surprise here with Ms. Rebick’s appearance.

Salt + Light doesn’t appear to be worried about heeding Benedict’s call to re-establish Catholic identity in Catholic ministries.  It shows a lack of good judgment and prudence, in my opinion, and might even be a sign of gross ignorance in not knowing who Judy Rebick is…which, of course, might point to another problem with Salt + Light.

Recently Salt + Light was awarded a Pro Life Media Award by some pro-life group.  These days, I guess awards don’t mean what they use to mean to some in the pro-life community.  Ben Johnson won a gold medal too, you know.

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