Reality Check

I’m always amused by various attempts at linking birth control and abortion to cancers in women. Inevitably, some combination of statistics come out and and some people start trying to claim that there is a causal relationship, and therefore both should be outlawed. (Source)

The problem with the Left is that they refuse to admit the facts when it is inconvenient for them. In fact, the truth is, in large measure, extremely inconvenient for them.  They either ignore, deflect, or obscure the significance of the truth.  You see, when you admit the truth about sex, then certain lifestyle choices are subject to re-evaluation. And, of course, that is a big no-no in lefty-land.

For the record, the case against contraception and oral contraceptives in particular comes, not from some rabid right wing “family” group, but right from your own secular universities and health institutes who have, we must assuredly admit, much more of an incentive in keeping these inconvenient and uncomforatable truths locked up.

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