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I noticed the Wal-Mart ‘seasonal’ aisles are filled with diet and exercise stuff, vitamins, boxes of Special K, and lycra clothing this week.  Is that the type of New Year’s resolution you envisioned for 2010?

Maybe, but why not start the year off with something a little less narcissistic?  My goal for 2010 is to make the world a better place to live.  Because I am a stay-at-home mom, I don’t often get much beyond the white picket fence.  I am firmly convinced, however, that I can still have an impact on the world.

The first step in making the world a better place is to become more aware of the problems faced by Canadians.  Read newspapers, follow municipal/provincial/federal issues, and talk to neighbours about the news.  Narrow or broaden your focus. It is hard to be a “single issue person” with all the interesting news going on around us.

Second, for those young women what aren’t active in their community, join a group.  REAL Women of Canada is an obvious first choice.  But there are many groups out there, all “fighting the good fight” with many of their members having many years of experience in political life.  Join one….

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