Real Women, Real Babies, Real Victims

It’s a demented, cold and vicious ideology that demands others suffer injustice and unbelievable pain in order that the putative right to murder unborn children prevails under the law. 

The so-called right to abortion is maintained in law while the genuine and human right to carry a child to term is being denied by the malicious pro-abort ideologues.  Under the law today if you lose an arm or a leg or a hand, it would be recognized under our system and you would be entitled to damages in civil court.  But if that appendage is a fetus, sorry, you’re out of luck because the pro-abort witches and their pimps who run this country want to ensure that everyone worships at the same altar of the abortion god.

Well, when a pregnant woman is attacked by some thug, women suffer not only for themselves but for their child as well.  That’s what I got out of this clip here.  And then, of course, there are the whack jobs who take advantage of pro-abort laws for their own base fantasies here.

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