Real Journalists Don’t Wear Corduroy

Deborah Gyapong, one of the few real journalists left in this country, writes on her blog: 

I woke up this morning, expecting the Ottawa Citizen and the National Post to carry not only editorials and columns about the Mark Steyn and Maclean’s Magazine show trial starting today before the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal, but also big, front page news advancers by journalists, perhaps Joseph Brean who has written the most so far.


And these are the papers that have been among the most responsible in covering the human rights abuses of so-called human rights commissions.

Well, maybe CBC Radio senior producer Peter Kavanaugh was onto something when he was asked about why the mainstream media has not been all over this issue.

Kavanaugh (in the centre) was part of a mainstream news panel at the Catholic Media Convention in Toronto last week that included CTV News anchor Lloyd Robertson and the Post’s Charles Lewis. reported on this panel here, though about another topic.

Kavanaugh said journalists value freedom of speech, but this value was competing with another value, that of protecting vulnerable minorities. He said Muslims are widely seen by journalists as a vulnerable minority and Maclean’s, Mark Steyn and the National Post seen as being “mean” (may not have been his exact word, but it was a word like this) to Muslims.

I would not jump to conclusions to say Kavanaugh shares that perception, but I think he is on to something about most mainstream journalists… (Source)

The problem with journalists today is that the great majority are not real journalists nor are they concerned with the rights to free speech.  They are, in fact, Leftist pseudo political activists who just happen to “report” the “news”.

The real work of reporting and blowing out the scandals in this country belongs to the bloggers.

I’ll trust a guy in pajamas over one with a corduroy jacket any day of the week.

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