One thought on “Real Exorcism

  1. Usually these videos are stupid hoaxes, and that demon face at the last three minutes wasn’t cool, but I will side with you on this Pacheco this has got to be real.

    The priest in the video is from the order of the Passionists. This is a real priestly order of the RCC as I was gracefully visited by one in my parish for August and even went for confession to him and I’ll have to admit on the sin I am fighting he has given me the best advice on it.

    Back to the exorcism, after a couple of other accounts I’ve read, and also the Bible, there are some similar characteristics that jive. Children gain much physical strength with the posession of a demon and the kid had to be tied down here. Also, the language the demon/possessed child speaks correlates with the accounts I’ve read online as well as that of the Bible. Also being blessed with holy water makes the possessed scream.

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