Re-birthing the Pro-Life Movement with Pro-Life MPs: The Hidden Agenda Revealed!

Well, Harper won. That’s not the greatest news for social conservatives, but it is not the worst news either.  Jack Layton would have been the worst. 

The Conservatives’ victory means we can at least slow down the crazies from advancing any more “social justice” lunacy. And, we have fertile soil among his MPs to move our agenda slowly but surely over the next four years. We don’t have to tackle abortion head-on, but only to make the incremental steps necessary.  Slide in the wedges, guys.

Harper has already shown that he is willing to play ball i.e. abortion and maternal health. We just need to pick the right spot and the right time, and pry that sucker open, slowly but surely.

The pro-life movement is being re-born as we speak. The March for Life is on May 12.  Lots of encouraging signs. Lots of new MPs to educate. Lots of new MPs might be joining us on the Hill.

Pro-Life is back in politics in Canada….and there’s no stopping us now!


2 thoughts on “Re-birthing the Pro-Life Movement with Pro-Life MPs: The Hidden Agenda Revealed!

  1. I think your optimism may be misplaced. If the pro-life MP’s go along with Harper’s no abortion agenda, which I think is quite possible, we may not have a single advance to show for this.

    I wish I could be more optimistic. Hope I’m wrong!

  2. We do have a better chance with Harper at some INCREMENTAL gains, but we will not achieve or attain victory until something happens spiritually within our churches. In my city of 250,000, one could wear out three pairs of shoes seeking a church, a pastor, a priest who would give a pro-life homily or sermon. It is pitiful indeed that there is nary a word ever mentioned about “Life” issues not even in the prayer intentions.


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