Randy Hillier Running for Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party

This is not yet an official endorsement of Randy Hillier from Socon or Bust, but his positions are certainly a breath of fresh air…. 

Dear Concerned Canadian,
Today, in Ontario, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech and freedom of religion are under attack.
Doctors and nurses can be forced to perform abortions against their will.
Marriage commissioners in any town or city hall can be required to perform gay marriages – even if they violate their core beliefs.
And worst of all, the Ontario Human Rights Commission continues its vicious attack against freedom of speech.
Remember Scott Brockie the Toronto based printer? In the late 1990’s he was fined $5,000 by the Ontario commission.  
What was his crime?

According to the sole human rights adjudicator, Mr. Brockie was guilty of practicing his religion in the work place.
For this unforgivable act, he was ultimately burdened with 9 years of court battles and a legal bill in excess of $170,000.
People of conscience should never lose their job or be brought to political tribunal for refusing to perform an abortion or to officiate a gay marriage or to speak their conscience.
It’s time we stand together and defend our freedoms.
That’s why I am running for Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario.
At the centre of my platform are two key policies that are critical to protect our rights:
1) As Premier, I will reform, if not eliminate, the Ontario Human Rights Commission and Tribunals – so that people of faith will never be brought to these tribunals again for simply practicing their beliefs.
2) As Premier, I will introduce the Freedom of Association and Conscience Act, which protects all people including medical workers and marriage commissioners from having to participate in procedures that violate their conscience or conflict with their moral views. 
I am the only candidate taking a stand on these issues. And that is why I need your help today. To make these policies a reality, I need your support.  
For just $10, you can join the Ontario PC Party, and cast a vote for Freedom of Conscience.
If you live in Ontario and are over the age of 14, click here to join the party, and make your voice heard:
The deadline is May 14th, 2009 – so get involved right now. For more details on these and other fair minded policies, please visit my website at: www.hillierforleader.com
As a husband and father of four, I want my children growing up in a province where the government protects those who defend their moral conscience – not attack them. I know that you feel the same way – and that’s why I’m asking for your support.
Warmest Regards,
Randy Hillier, MPP
Candidate for Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario
PS: This is not the time to sit on the sidelines. NOW is the time to get involved. Take a stand with me and help defend all Ontarians from having their religious freedoms stripped away.
PPS: Be sure to pass this message on to family, friends and neighbours who share our concerns on these critical issues.

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