One thought on “Rally urging City of Toronto to ‘stop bullying Christians’

  1. Canada,The USA,and Europe were Christian in Government,Law and Education until starting in 1962 Christianity was declared Unconstitutional,and Christless Secular Humanism Constitutional.School Teachers led their students in The Lord’s Prayer,and The Ten Commandments were on Government Establishments,and in the majorities hearts and minds,before Secularism became the new State sanctioned religion-worldview.We went through two world wars as Christian Civilization,but today Liberal lesbians are elected as representatives,and promiscuous sex education is normalized to school children using adult school teachers,abortion and homosexual activists ,as governmental so-called human rights,by elected Liberal Prime Ministers who call themselves Catholic. Christians your political apathy, indifference, complacency and that of your clergy has brought this evil into our once Christian democracies.Today our children are indoctrinated into the values of secular humanism, by adult school teachers,and elected representatives,as secular humanist governmental human rights.Lord knows that in a democracy the laws of the land are a reflection of the majorities values.He also gave you a mandate not to prevent the children from coming to Him.The majority who call themselves Christians have failed this miserably.They have chosen poorly.

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