Rally in Support of Coptic Christians Today!

I saw a notice posted on our Church bulletin board last night when attending our church’s All Saint’s Eve Party.

Apparently there’s to be a March beginning at Elgin & Catherine’s Streets today at 2PM and ending at Parliament Hill, where there will be speeches.

My family and I will be going, unofficially representing my parish, St. Maurice Catholic Church.  St. Maurice has an affiliation with Egypt where the Copts originate. (Click on the image to the left here to learn more.)

As the persecution of Christians continues to unfold around the world and in the West (due to secularizing and liberal self-hatred of our Christian heritage), Christians of all Churches and ecclesial communities need to stand up for one another despite our differences.  In recent years, the Catholic and Orthodox churches have made significant progress in talks towards full unity.  Suffering together and supporting one another in events like this will only hasten that blessed day.  Suffering together does far more for unity than ecumenical talks.

If you can make it out today, please come!  Also, bring your religious icons and symbols.  We Christians need to reassert oursleves and our rights in the public square, and start to force our politicians to play hard ball with tyrannical (Islamist) regimes and stop coddling them.  As I have recently said, if we don’t believe in our religious and moral principles and assert ourselves politically in accordance with them, it leads exactly to the situation we see today.  If Western leaders put enough pressure, the Copts can be saved.  So we need to put pressure on Harper to get the message across to Europe.   The Conservative Government has an office of Religious Freedom.  Let’s see if it’s just for show or if it’s the real thing…with real consequences for us and the Islamic thugs that are taking over the “Arab Spring”.

The Coptic Christian church is the world’s oldest church, founded by St Mark, who wrote the Gospel of Mark, between A.D, 42 and A.D 62.  Based in Alexandria, the church has an estimated 15 million members around the world, including 50 thousands in Canada.

UPDATE: Rally coverage here.

2 thoughts on “Rally in Support of Coptic Christians Today!

  1. I really enjoyed reading about the Coptic Church—I really had no idea about them.

    Thanks for posting this article. Praying for persecuted Christians all over the world. Oh Lord that we may be ONE!!!

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