Elizabeth II – The Last Christian English Queen?

Why not? Let’s just get used to it.

There was a time when donning a headscarf was a Christian thing to do for women, but just like seeing two men walking together down the street these days, you can’t make such platonic assumptions anymore.

4 thoughts on “Elizabeth II – The Last Christian English Queen?

  1. You mean the last Christian English monarch. Or else the people rise up and turf out his nuttiness Charles the Less and put his second son on the throne. Yes the second son Harry. William should never be king. The apple has not fallen far enough from the tree but Harry has rolled away. God save us from kings taught by the secular humanist crackpots in the education establishment. Elizabeth fortunately wasn’t.

  2. Concise Oxford Dictionary:

    “don” v.t. (that means a transitive verb, one requiring an object like “headscarf”) To put on a garment.

    the participle form is “donning”.

    “dawn” v.i. (intransitive verb, one not requiring an object) and noun. Begin to appear or grow light. (of day, day light, morning, country shone upon, things becoming evident).

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