Quebec’s Existential Crisis

In 1998 the Institute de la Statistique showed 38 abortions per 100 live births in the province. Quebec’s 38 per cent abortion rate is surpassed only by that of former Soviet-bloc countries where abortion is used as a method of contraception.  The Globe and Mail quoted experts who said that two years is not enough to indicate a definite upward trend or a slowdown in Quebec’s overall population decline.  In the meantime, the Quebec government announced November 2 that it will increase the number of immigrants to the province over the next three years to attract 55,000 per year by 2010. The government admitted that the increase in immigration was to help meet a labour shortage caused by the low birth rate and aging population.  Despite the province’s historical focus on maintaining its French cultural heritage, an almost equal proportion of the hoped-for immigrants will be drawn from Africa (27 per cent), Asia (26 per cent), Europe (26 per cent) and the Americas (21 per cent). (Source)

Picking up on my comments yesterday, I was just struck by the sheer incoherency of Quebec secularists who seek to “protect Quebec’s language and culture”.  One must ask these people to put down their graveyard shovels for just a moment and think very carefully what it means to have a dying indigenous population and massive immigration.  Is this their idea of “preserving Quebec’s identity”?

Clearly not. 

And here’s my hunch. Most Quebecers know the score here. They understand that the elephant in the room can’t stay there forever.  They know that sooner or later that elephant is not going to stay put and he’s going to do some bigtime damage in the living room.  But they are torn. They need to choose: give up the license to screw around or give up their cultural identity. 

It’s really that simple. 

Start having children within the context of a Christian understanding of the family…or quite literally, just (insert expletive here) right off into oblivion.

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