Québec propagating gender confusion among kids

We’ve heard a lot of bad things about the education curriculum in Québec. I knew that they were normalizing homosexuality (who isn’t these days?) but now I hear that they’re avid practitioners of gender mainstreaming on the minds of our kids.

Get a load of this picture, which is taken from a school book for students in their second year of high school. For those of you that don’t read French, the first question asks the student to indicate his/her gender. The choices are:

  • Boy
  • Girl
  • I don’t know yet

If kids don’t know their gender by the time they’re 12 years old, they need to be told. They need help. They need support and guidance. They most certainly don’t need the State telling them that they can choose their gender or switch it around from one week to the next.

This is child abuse, pure and simple.

Opposition to this crap is mounting, so the Left is pulling out the coercion tactics. A Québec mother has recently received death threats for expressing her opposition to this sex-confusion agenda.

France apparently has adopted a similar program of gender mainstreaming. But the French are stirring the pot and unhappy with the arrangement. Despite their reputation for being “progressive”, the French also have some common sense left, more so than Quebeckers, it would appear.

Pray for our children!

One thought on “Québec propagating gender confusion among kids

  1. Steve G. What do you think is and has always been included in, love without meaning, Kinsey Sex Education? Dr. Alfred Kinsey and his definition of so-called sex science and law is being taught to this very day in the Politically Correct West, from kindergarten, by Government Decree and Court Enforcement?
    Why does Western Education, Government, Law and the popular media promote homosexuality, abortion and Kinsey Sex Education? Have they not heard of The Public Health Agency of Canada’s HIV and AIDS Surveillance Report, which proves that homosexuality is extremely unhealthy? What does this say about Western Democratic Society, who allow themselves to be manipulated by perverse politicians who pass rotten Bills into Canadian Law in our Legislatures and Parliament?

    What about Gay Bowel Syndrome, a collection of diseases that cause the mechanical dis-function of the lower bowel tract, which are endemic in the homosexual population, and proves sodomy to be morbid beyond a shadow of a doubt? Why are these unhealthy practices legal in Canada and promoted to impressionable children and adults, by so-called experts by Court enforcement and Government decree?

    Two homosexual scientists Dean Hammer and Simon La Vay claim to have discovered a homosexual gene, but no other scientist anywhere can repeat their experiments to prove them. Therefore this is BS meaning Bad Science. This BS is spread to impressionable Public school children by adult teachers as truth and this is diabolical. This is done by Government decree and Court enforcement.

    Homosexual behavior is proven to be very unhealthy, and ought not to be taught to impressionable adults and schoolchildren as just another healthy alternative lifestyle they can pursue.

    This concern is not homophobia, heterophobia or discrimination of any kind, but common sense proven by verifiable scientific facts. Why are homosexuals allowed to recruit impressionable schoolchildren in the guise of education? Has Politically Correct Relativism in Government, Law and Education by decree and enforcement made objective thinking obsolete?

    Parents and concerned citizens, ought to have every right to put an end to this unhealthy indoctrination of impression and vulnerable children by adult judges, ministers, journalists and school teachers who ought to know better. Don’t you think?

    In a democracy the voting citizens have a responsibility politically to elect Traditional Family Values politicians, to our Legislatures and Parliament where elected politicians pass Bills into Law.
    Steve G and fellow believers of Traditional Family Values, who is to blame for this?
    For every effect there is a cause.

    Government, Courts, Schools and media should promote public virtue, not seduce its impressionable children in state sponsored vice. As voting citizens we have a democratic responsibility to our children, youth, citizens and country to insure virtues laws, instead of corrupt ones. Don’t you think?

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