Quebec Needs A Sexual Revolution

The Eucharistic Congress which ended last Sunday might very well be the turning point for Quebec and, consequently, Canada. You can read two of the stories that filed here and here.

Much of the work that social conservatives engage in is largely dependent on the soil under our feet. In order for us to produce the necessary fruit, the soil has to be tilled and enriched. That’s where Evangelization comes in. In the case of La Belle Province, it means Quebec must be re-evangelized back to their Catholic roots and away from rampant and lethal Secularism that has decimated Quebec culture for the last 40 years. I’ve remarked many times in the past that the resurgence of Canada will come through Quebec, not Ontario and not the West. That is why it is imperative that we win back Quebecers to the Catholic faith.

It just might happen too. As Quebec is discovering now with their identity crisis as a result of mass immigration, their way of life and their very essence is being saturated away. Culture can only be perpetuated through stable families which alone have the ability to transmit the beliefs and values on to the next generation.

So far, they have been unwilling to admit the reason for their rapid and suicidal decline, of course. The great majority of the population is still under the delusion that casual sex, abortion, and the other concomintant consequences have nothing to do with their cultural crisis. Their blindness is great and there will indeed come a time when they have to face their sin and collectively decide whether they really care about their own culture or prefer oblivion instead.

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