Quebec Gestapo Set To Pounce on Homeschooling Family

May 4, 2011

Alert: Homeschooling Children Ordered to Attend School      

We have received a shocking decision where a Quebec family has been ordered by the court to stop homeschooling and place their children (ages 7 and 9) in the local public school. Even more concerning, they have been ordered to place their younger children (ages 3 and 5), who are not yet of compulsory school age, into daycare.

This saga began late 2009 when this family was reported to Youth Protection Services, likely by their school board. They were first taken to court early in 2010. In a subsequent court appearance, their children were ordered to attend the local public school as a “temporary protection measure”. There followed multiple legal procedures and four days of trial, followed by a four-month wait for the judge’s decision, all of which took their toll on this family.

After refusing to hear our expert witness, as well as evidence on the value of homeschooling versus public school, the court ordered that the children attend the local public school. They went on to order that the younger children attend daycare, even though they are not yet of compulsory school age. In giving reasons, the court placed great weight on the Youth Protection experts who testified that, given the hearing impairments of one child, the public school was necessary for him to overcome his limitations and maximize his potential. The court also found that given the family’s desire to protect their children from an outside environment the parents perceived as bad, they had deprived their children of an adequate education.

The values expressed by the court are a slap in the face for homeschooling families everywhere.


HSLDA is committed to appealing this case but we need your help.

This is not the only family we have had to defend in Quebec this past year, and each case required a number of court appearances. Just in Quebec last year, HSLDA spent over $50,000 on legal fees. In 2010, HSLDA spent more money defending homeschooling families than in any other year of our history. We were a strong voice and left our mark for homeschooling freedom in 2010, but we need your help to continue. Financial resources are necessary, not only to appeal this case, but also to fight other oppressive decisions and government policies.

The more members we have, the greater our resources to battle these key cases. Also, when extraordinary challenges like this arise, we need donations over and above membership fees so we can vigorously oppose government oppression of homeschooling.

Please donate to help support these cases and keep homeschooling legal in Quebec, and across the country.  Click here to submit your tax deductible donation to CCHE to support these cases.


HSLDA Canada

2 thoughts on “Quebec Gestapo Set To Pounce on Homeschooling Family

  1. I would never put kids through the Public school system here in Ontario, there are only two options for me, Catholic or home schooling and if the Government says other wise I will tell them they are off base and to mind their own fucking b…usiness. That way I would be able to teach them Proper Canadian history by going to all of the sites so they can learn about the events where they happened, may not be able to take them to Europe to see Vimmy, Dieppe, the Somme etc. but I will show them and teach them to be proud of what Canadians have done in the past.

  2. Holy Mother State is getting bolder and bolder at imposing her will. But people just shrug and carry on without complaining. I would have thought the camel’s back would have broken several straws ago and Canadians would elect politicians to legislate appropriately and stop the madness. But we haven’t done so. No political party at any level will tackle this creeping totalitarianism.

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