Quebec court forces Catholic school to teach ‘neutral’ course on religion and morality

The attack on freedom and parental rights just keeps rolling.

And this particular story has a connection to the Den of Dissent conference that was hosted at St. Paul’s University this past Autumn. One of their speakers was Gilles Routhier, priest-professor, theologian who had a  problematic role in the remarkable betrayal of the fundamental right of Catholic parents to determine their children’s religious formation in the above case.

Ah yes, whenever there is a disaster to be had for faith, family, or freedom, there’s a Catholic or group of them somewhere being contradicted by Rome…and consequently leading us all to ruin.  In this case it was a bishop and a theologian.   Now, that’s shocker for us, ain’t it?

That’s why we need this Vatican II conference.  It sounds so provincial and clerical, I know, but believe me, this whole descent into the cultural gutter can be squarely placed on the Spirit of Vatican II

I’m willing to put out big bucks to make this Conference happen, but I need your prayers to move it among the Angels.

Please pray for the success of this conference.  I should know by end of this week if it’s a go.

One thought on “Quebec court forces Catholic school to teach ‘neutral’ course on religion and morality

  1. A key determinant of this court ruling, in my view, is that private schools in Québec receive cash subsidies from the State. In the specific case of Loyola High School, more than $3 million of its $8 million budget comes from the provincial government. That’s 38%.

    Once you take money from Big Brother, you have to dance to his tune. We’ve sold our soul.

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