Quebec churches on board for Earth Day protests

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

I’m feeling really sick.  Maybe my blind hope in the new bishops for Quebec overshadowed my good sense.

Very sad. So very sad.  I guess we’ll have to wait another 40 long years until the p-ss is completely wrung out of our socks.

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7 thoughts on “Quebec churches on board for Earth Day protests

  1. What exactly are they ringing their church bells for anyway?

    I’m somewhat cautious about the situation in Quebec. Cardinal Ouellet has something of a shallow pool to draw from, and conservative ideas have not penetrated very deeply into the Quebec psyche. However, the main thing is that they actively support the right to life. If they support hokey environomentalist stances at the same time, it’ll be something to work on, but it’s secondary.

  2. This could be the strategy, Suzanne. That occurred to me, as well. They could be eating the eco-garbage to play their own card: “We supported your eco concerns. Now it’s time to play ball on human life.”

    I still think that’s a long shot from the reality. More wishful thinking, than anything else. I am very uneasy with a Catholic bishop going along with this. This is not of God.

  3. One more thing, Suzanne. Let us not forget what is really behind the eco-wackos. They are almosts all population controllers for “Mother Earth”. So, really, all we are doing is taking one step forward and two steps back. We’re not doing the pro-life movement any favours by co-operating with these radicals. Sadly, the bishops don’t get it…and they won’t until there is some kind of disaster. Because at this point in history, that’s the only thing God has left to call us back to sanity.

  4. I made the point of attending a morning Mass at
    a Parish in the Mooney’s Bay area because a Grandchild of a friend of mine was having his First Communion, and as I love being present at such events, I felt Blessed that He seemed to want me to be there. It was an honour to be there for him and his children and all of the others receiving their first Communion.

    When I arrived the parking lot was full, and I was Blessed to be able to spot a seat at the back of the Church.

    However my heart sunk when I entered the Church, doused myself with Holy water and looked straight ahead so as to genuflect in the direction of the Tabernacle , and it was nowhere to be seen. Not only that the “Cross” had a sheet draped over it and it was certainly no CRUCIFIX,
    as there was no Jesus present on it or anywhere ,
    else for that matter, to signify I was in fact in a Catholic church. I could not spot the Tabernacle
    anywhere (did finally see it when I tried to go up the side hoping to receive Communion from the Priest which it turns out was impossible).

    To get back to where the Blessed Eucharist was hidden. He was locked away in some area with bars around it, as if He was the criminal, and this whole “Mass” was not about Him at all.

    There was singing of a calibre I will not mention,
    because I am supposed to be charitable, and the last pew I was in had NO kneeler in it …but EY! there was carpeting, so my precious knees would not get sore.

    I remember climbing up steps on my knees, somewhere else… but that is another story.
    When the time came for the children to receive their First Communion, no big deal, it was heartbreaking, no special celebration appeared to be taking place from what I could see from my vantage point, although I was certainly praying for these beautiful souls.
    I was kneeling after Communion praying , and awaiting the closing prayer or if I could be so hopeful, the St. Michael the Archangel Prayer,(One must remember, Hope springs Eternal) when what did I hear, someone got up and announced that today was designated as…Are you ready now`… Earth Day!!!. Forget about what just took place or what took place but was treated as oh well…just another day, TODAY WAS Earth day!!! I am so glad to be reminded, after all I thought at this pint I was definitely on another planet, or at least wished to be, since what I remember but the Ancient Mass of Old,was , replaced with what did in fact seem to be from outer space. That was it , my cue to get my sorry body out of this place and ask for Gods Mercy for the
    state of His Houses, can we who have done this to Him, call them Homes

    I am so sorry Lord and I cried when I also saw not one image or Icon of a Saint, but worse, Your and Our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary was not in front either, but pushed way off to the side.

    This is how we treat Our God, Our Saviour, Redeemer, and Our Mother, Gods Mother and Co-Redemptress in the Liberal church.

    The homily was the usual stressing how we are to be “nice” to each other, and that things were not what they were like with the Apostles of “Old
    nor was Our God a Punitive One, etc. etc. and I just kept praying… Hail Mary Full of Grace, The Lord is With You, and that is Good because He certainly did not seem to be much welcome there.

    God Help us
    AND Have Mercy on us

  5. While we have to be wary about letting too much of “the world” into the Church, on the other hand we shouldn’t just reflexively do the opposite of the world, because even a broken clock is right twice a day. However, I too felt a moment of dread when I heard the church bells go off at 2pm yesterday afternoon.

  6. I hope Suzanne is right. But Archbishop Lépine better show up at the March for Life and send a letter encouraging his faithful to attend, otherwise who are we kidding?

  7. I admit that that the ecological/green movement is sometimes at odds with economic justice, but to malign this protest outright is not really in line with current Vatican thought on the matter. Montreal has broad Vatican support in this initiative and maybe there is a dash of we’ll play ball with you so let’s look at life ethics. There is however a strong Catholic ethic here in its own right. Creation theology was essential to those Irish and Welsh monks who re-educated and re-Christianized Europe after the fall of the Empire to the heathen, so the strategy or simply the theology of ecological concern should not be shot down by our reactionary impulses against relativistic/liberal onslaught.

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