Québec blog corrects Fr. Lacaille’s attack on Pope Benedict

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Fr. Claude Lacaille has recently made the headlines for his attacks against Canadian bishops and pro-life reforms of Development and Peace.

Sadly, his dissent from Church teaching goes back many years. In the blog post over here, you can read Stefan Jetchick expose the errors in a letter that Fr. Lacaille wrote to Pope Benedict in 2007. As Catholics, it’s our dutyto always defend the Holy Father against unjust attacks and to protect the truths of our Faith.

Here’s a quote that’s very applicable today:

If a bank robber took care of poor little abandoned kittens, Father Lacaille would accuse the Police of being “anti-kitten” when they would jail that robber for bank robbery

Unfortunately, nothing has changed since 2007. Those words express exactly the falsehoods that he’s spreading regarding reforms to D&P. In a nutshell, his message goes like this:

If a pro-abortion D&P partner takes care of the poor, the Canadian bishops would be “anti-poor” if they stopped financing the partner because of his abortion stance.

Do not trust him with respect to the Catholic faith or the D&P scandal. Pray for him and for all priests.

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