Putting Gay Rights Before Health

Whowuh…..that’s not my headline everyone. That’s the National Post’s editorial!

Nonetheless, Mr. Smitherman thinks that the identification of known risk groups for infectious disease is a matter of “wonky bureaucrats” “ghettoizing communities” by means of “nonsense.” His passion for the social inclusion of skid row smack addicts and 15-year-old girls who have just had their ears pierced is truly moving, but letting identity politics imperil the health of the public is really not what one expects from a health minister. The victims of Canada’s tainted-blood scandal, which resulted partly from the purchase of blood from risk groups (notably American prisons) and partly from a politically motivated failure to introduce behavioural screening, are still dying around us thanks to the Smithermanlike attitudes of the 1980s. (Source)

Careful now, everyone.  The gay militants are just ready to pull the trigger on another HRC complaint. Better watch out. You’ll be joining Steyn and Levant in front of the Kangaroo Kourt.

And to suggest that George Smitherman might actually care more about his pet community than health care in general.  The nerve!  The effrontery!

Do they not know that “rights” means that everyone has to share the pain equally?  Isn’t that what socialism teaches? 

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