Puff Piece on Salt + Light

Here’s a puff piece that I was going to ignore, but was alerted to by a reader.

I wasn’t particularly impressed with the non-mention of Fr. Rosica’s scandalous behaviour during the Kennedy Funeral fiasco in the first version of this article.¬† Kathy added that later. ūüėČ

I chimed in near the end of the article in the comment section with this friendly reminder about what the REAL ISSUE IS ABOUT.

Father Rosica seems to be working overtime on his Rolodex, however.¬† First the Toronto Star, now Catholic World Report.¬† Who’s next on the circuit?¬†

Fr. Tom¬†needs to keep Salt + Light’s reputation inflated, I suppose.¬† Sooner or later, however, the balloon loses the helium. I expect more helium to be released in the years to come.

Lots of rising stars have fallen in the Catholic Church over the last few years because of their infidelity. 

Legionnaires of Christ.¬† Development & Peace. Caritas Internationalis. And that’s just to name a few.

I expect more of them in the years to come.¬† And I caution people not to get too caught up in successes, personalities,¬†credentials, flash, and size.¬† The larger they are, the harder they fall….

….because, you know, the TRUTH doesn’t give a damn about how “official” one is or the number of letters after one’s name.

2 thoughts on “Puff Piece on Salt + Light

  1. Pacheco, it is just Fr. Rosica at S & L you have an issue with or are there other people in the organization who should be revealed in your postings?

  2. More or less just with Rosica, although one or two of S+L’s reporters soft peddled the D&P abortion scandal too, but that’s to be expected considering where they work.

    This is not simply about “name calling”. It’s about the very nature of the Church and its fidelity and witness to the Gospel. There are two visions being proposed here, and only one vision can really exist.

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