Publicly Funded Institutions Are Not Intended To Be Feminism’s Personal Fiefdom

From: Jakki Jeffs

Subject: Carleton Students
Received: Wednesday, October 6, 2010, 11:50 AM

Hello Everyone, I have spoken with both Ruth and James at Carleton University today. I had a reply to an email from the University of Carleton Ombudsman and he has asked me to have the students get in touch with him. I have not received a response from my email to Chief Vern White of the Department of Ottawa Police and will let you know when I do. I also emailed the Carleton University Students Association asking what they are going to do to defend these students and have not as yet received a reply. The students also have recourse to make a complaint against their arrest through the Office of the Independent Police Review Director should they wish and I have provided those details to them for their consideration. It was explained to these students that their arrest was analogous to when your neighbour decides to come and sit in your garden and he will not move. The only option that you have is to call the police and have him arrested. Let’s look at that. All but one of the students are enrolled at the University of Carleton. (not neighbours then) The University is not a private residence but a Public Institution of higher learning to which all Carleton students pay tuition and tax payer money supports. I have attached the Carleton University’s Financial Report for the year ended April 2009. Page 3 is interesting in that it shows that government grants of $148.021 were received for operating costs and $151,457 was received in tuition fees which represented two thirds of the University income! The University are saying that the space the students wished to be in was a space not usually used for student protest – when in fact because it is so busy it has been the place where all manner of message are imparted by student groups and clubs. I am sad to report that the students have received calls from pro-life individuals who have criticized their use of graphic images. This is not the time to debate strategy but a time to stand alongside these young people and support their courageous efforts to protect human life. It was interesting for me to read the quote on the Carleton website from the President and Vice Chancellor on her information page which stated, “I am very proud to serve Carleton, a fine young university with a very bright future. As Canada’s capital university, that future is also the future of our nation” If students on this campus can be intimidated and arrested as these young pro-life students, were then this does not bode well for the future of this nation. You can quote me! I have listed for your information the President of Carleton’s address and telephone details and those of the Director of Security – you will all have seen him in the video. The Security Department has not so far returned the students’ billboard display. If you email, please note that there is an underscore which you cannot see in both email addresses. I will update you as I know more. Blessings Jakki (please scroll down – please be respectful)

Department of University Campus Safety Director’s Office
Director Allan Burns
613 520-2600 extension 8535
Tracy Simmons
Administrative Officer
613 520-2600 extension 2744
Mailing Address
University Safety
203 Robertson Hall
Carleton University
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa Ontario
K1S 5B6
Office of the President
503 Tory Building
1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON K1S 5B6, CanadaFax: 613 520-4474
Email: presidents_office@carleton
Dr. Roseann O’Reilly Runte
President and Vice-Chancellor
Tel: 613 520-3801
Colleen A. LaPlante
Executive Assistant to the President
Tel: 613 520-3801

One thought on “Publicly Funded Institutions Are Not Intended To Be Feminism’s Personal Fiefdom

  1. Isn’t it always riveting how relativists who say the respect the idea of tolerance finally reveal themselves to be the most bigoted. Why are our governments continuing to give large sums of taxpayers hard earned dollars to the pro-abortion The Status of Women (SOW). In 2009 SOW gave to 1.2 million dollars to the pro-abortion feminist organization Equal Voice, to promote the election of more feminist women to all levels of government and change the views of Canadian Politics towards their favor even more. Equal voice promotes this discredited feminist concept that all women think like them. No one can speak for all women in Canada anymore than anyone can speak as a single voice for all men. As voting citizens we must put an end to this nonsense. Our Education Establishments and governments are programming pro-abortion societal breakdown.

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