Public Board Now Officially Gay

The Ottawa Sun – August 9, 2011 Board floats gay support By Larissa Cahute 

The public school board will march in its first Capital Pride this year after a trustee suggested it was time to take support for gay and lesbian students to the next level. The initiative was spearheaded by gay trustee Donna Blackburn, who also sits on the diversity and equity committee. “We’ve been supporting our gay, lesbian and transgendered students for years,” said Blackburn. So she thought this was the next step to take.

According to board chairwoman, Jennifer McKenzie, the initiative wasn’t a full board decision. “It’s been discussed through senior management and through the diversity and equity committee and everybody’s very strongly in support,” she said. McKenzie said she’s only fielded one complaint from a staff member though, which resulted in a “long conversation” with the concerned person and board director. McKenzie encourages those uncomfortable with the involvement to talk to their principal and superintendent, to “get the concerns on record.”

Blackburn told the Sun she hasn’t received any negativity. “I haven’t heard one complaint, one e-mail, one phone call – I’ve had absolutely no push back whatsoever,” she said.

“It’s in complete compliance with school board policy and remember, it’s voluntary – nobody is compelled to go to it.” McKenzie agreed the initiative is consistent with board policy. She used the example of Pink Day: A day dedicated to combatting homophobia, which is celebrated in high schools across the region. “Our participation in the pride parade is a natural progression of what the board’s been doing,” said Blackburn. “There’s nothing controversial about it.”

The board will be participating in Capital Pride with a school bus float rolling through the parade. Blackburn hopes to have at least 100 people involved – a mix of staff, students and trustee members.

Capital Pride is held Aug. 19-28.

 I just don’t get it.  I guess being a parent these days means absolutely nothing…at least for the majority of our society.

2 thoughts on “Public Board Now Officially Gay

  1. The majority of society has bought the kool-aid. By the time they realize the damage done to their kids it will be far too late.

  2. In 1948 Alfred C. Kinsey’s book, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male, was published , and in 1953, Sexual Behavior in the Human Female.

    Kinsey declared his thesis of “Outlet Sex” to be science, and himself as an expert thus his idea’s have since been used in our universities to teach teachers sex education. Dr. Kinsey placed all sexual acts on the same moral, social and biological level whether in or out of marriage, between two people of the same sex or opposite sex, sex with children, or sex with animals.

    The Kinsey Reports, provided the so-called scientific foundation for the sexual revolution.

    In Kinsey’s sick view, children are sexual from birth, and are fully capable and deserving of sexual relations at any age as are adults, and society should reflect his scientifically validated view by radically altering its moral codes.

    Posthumously Dr.Kinsey has gotten his desire, as school districts are teaching children his sex education as early as kindergarten. Often this so-called sex education is promoted as AIDS awareness education, this sex education systematically strips children of sexual modesty, and ridicules the idea of sexual restraint.

    The justification for this radical departure from traditional sexual morality begins with the Kinsey Reports cited often in primary and secondary sources used in sex education programs and in teacher’s manuals.

    Why have the citizens surrendered their children, schools and universities to this perverted social engineering? Citizens ought to be protecting their children in a culture that’s gone stark raving mad.

    More on nauseating social engineering by our education establishments by law. Dr.Bernard Nathenson proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that unborn babies are living human beings, and killing the most vulnerable in society who deserve our protection is wrong.

    These are Hitler’s words that are inscribed over one of the gas ovens in Auschwitz, ” I want to raise a generation of young people devoid of a conscience, imperious, relentless and cruel.” Hitler’s worldview was that the killing of the weak is good for the survival of the strong and nature intended it thus. Institutionalized Nazi social engineering creates a society devoid of conscience.

    When we looked at the polls as to the question, should Henri Morgentaler be awarded The Order Of Canada, most people said NO. This seems to indicate that our education establishments , courts, Human Rights Commission’s and popular media have not yet Socially Engineered all Canadians.

    Even though the majority of Canadians did not want to honor Henri Morgentaler with The Order Of Canada, our government selected so-called experts gave him that honor.

    In democracies the citizens have a responsibility to hold their politicians and justices accountable for their bad judgements and evil legislation. Our laws are made when Bills are passed or rejected by majority vote by politicians in our Legislatures and Parliament. Concerned citizens in huge numbers told their MP’s in 2008 to raise the age of sex consent to 16 from 14, thus closing the legal loophole exploiting Canadian 14 year old’s. This proves that citizens can change Bad laws made by Parliament and The Supreme Court of Canada if they organize across the nation and care enough to do so. Lots of us did this in 2008 raising the age of sex consent. When Christianity is taken out of Government, Education, Law and thus Western society only Paganism and a Pagan bent form of Christianity is practiced by many. Our hope is that Politically Correct Relativism by establishment has not yet corrupted the minds of all our citizens.

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