Province’s sex codes to be enforced

TORONTO, April 29, 2008 ( – The ruling by the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal to force a Christian ministry to the disabled to stop requiring staff to live up to Christian moral standards as a condition of employment threatens the existence of all faith-based charities in Canada. (For more coverage, see: In light of the recent decision, spoke with the provincial government ministry in charge of such matters and found they showed little willingness or desire to accommodate sincere Christianity in the public sphere.

Raj Dihr, the prosecutor for the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal in the case, explained to that the Christian ministry in question – Christian Horizons – was not permitted an exemption under the human rights code which would permit it to hire only Christian staff who were willing to live according to fundamental Christian moral precepts.  The reason, he explained, was two-fold.  First, he said, the organization was serving the general public, and not restricting its services to Evangelical Christians, and secondly, in the opinion of the Tribunal (a single adjudicator by the name of Michael Gottheil) adherence to the tenets of Christianity as set out by the Evangelical group was not seen as necessary in fulfilling their services to the public.


Dihr, the Tribunal prosecutor, told that the decision puts all Christian organizations at risk of facing fines and prosecution from complainants or even the Human Rights Commission itself.  Asked if, based on the ruling, other Christian organizations which stipulated Christian sexual morality for employees could also face fines, Dihr replied, “Yes, I think that’s one danger that organizations face is that if they don’t address these things in a pro-active way, which is what we’d encourage – then there’s always the possibility that an individual or even the commission will file a complaint against them and bring them to the tribunal.”   

It’s good to see the sex police will be slipping on their jackboots to ensure that people of faith conform to the sex codes of the province.  For a moment there, I actually thought we had religious freedom. It’s good to know that, like marriage, freedom is now under the thumb of the sex fools.

Let the persecution begin. 

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