Proud to be a Jew

In a remarkable historical find, testimony has emerged revealing that, in 1941, Pope Pius XII received a German Jewish visitor at the Vatican who was seeking help for certain Jews who were being held in an Italian internment camp. After welcoming the young man and promising him help, Pius told him not once but twice–in emotional language, in front of a large group that included German soldiers–“Be proud to be a Jew!”

The amazing testimony, written as a first-hand account by an anonymous Jewish author in wartime Palestine, originally appeared on April 28, 1944 in The Palestine Post (now, The Jerusalem Post), the most influential Jewish publication in the world at that time.



Pius has always been the proverbial whipping boy of the enemies of the Church, despite the avalanche of evidence that not only was Pius not sympathetic to the Nazis, but that he was the Jewish people’s best friend during World War II. Anyone who has a even cursory understanding of the historical facts knows the score. Still, it’s good to add another nail to the coffin of liberal, secular idiocy and lies.

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