Protest the Pill Day – June 7

The American Life League (ALL) says that its preparations for a national day of protest against the birth control pill are gaining momentum.   Pro-lifers are planning June 7 protests outside of facilities that distribute the pill because of its reported abortifacient effects. “We have been in contact with people all across the country who are excited and ready to protest,” said Marie Hahnenberg, Project Manager of Protest the Pill Day. “So far, we have heard from people in at least 10 states, including California, Texas, Wisconsin and North Carolina, that they will be participating in Protest the Pill Day. Even protesters in Canada are participating.” “Pro-lifers understand that life does in fact begin at fertilization and the birth control pill kills babies,” Hahnenberg said.  She said there was so much “disinformation” about the pill that organizers decided a national protest was the best means to educate people. The American Life League, Pro-Life Wisconsin and Pharmacists for Life International are organizing the protests. Counter-protests are reportedly being prepared by abortion rights activists. Hahnenberg said the ALL welcomed counter-protesters since it will provide her organization the opportunity to educate them. “Women have been deceived for years and we must take a stand and do something about it,” she said. (Source)

Excellent.  The fact that this is starting to get some play is great. The fact that the pro-aborters are rising up on this issue is all good for us too. They’ve taken the bait. That means the media will want to cover it. And even bad news is good news when people don’t even know about the issue. Today’s media consumer is a lot savvyer than before. When the local liberal media dufus tells them that the pill is superduper safe, everybody can read that BS meter a mile away.

It’s about time pro-life organizations started turning their guns on the Pill. I’ve been yammering about this for years.  I know abortion is a heinous crime. I know we much address it. I know it’s the first thing we need to talk about. But we will, NEVER EVER defeat abortion until we address contraception. Never. 

Where contraception is, abortion is too.  The “death sisters”, I call them.

So this is a great sign. I’m very encouraged.  I would have must preferred something like “Kill the Pill not your Baby”. That’s a much catchier tagline, but maybe we can do that next year.

Here’s some information about the Pill and breast cancer.

Here’s some information about the Pill and Abortion.

Here’s an article on the harmful effects of the Pill on the Environment.

Kill the Pill!!!

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