Protest @ McGuinty’s Office

Campaign Life Coalition Ottawa is organizing a rally against Bill-13, which will force Catholic Schools to host Gay – Straight Alliance Clubs. 

The vote on this Bill is due to take place before Thursday June 7, 2012, (possibly on Monday June 4th).

The rally will take place on:
Friday June 1, 2012
12 noon to 1pm
at Dalton McGuinty’s Constituency office
1795 Kilborn Ave, Ottawa (between Alta Vista Dr & Haig Dr)

Signs will be provided. For information please call Campaign Life Ottawa at 613-729-0379 or email us

One thought on “Protest @ McGuinty’s Office

  1. From 2005 to 2008 Concerned Canadian Citizens from all faiths united politically across Canada, and defeated rotten Legislation and Supreme Court of Canada Law.

    How many are listening and doing constructive work on this now?
    Look at what Professor Tom Landers and friends did from 2005 to 2008. All Concerned Parents and Citizens of all faiths and even agnostics where united across Canada to force The Canadian Parliament to raise the age of sex consent in 2008. This changed rotten 2005 Canadian Parliamentary and Supreme Court Of Canada Law that allowed Pedophiles, and every kind of Sexual Predator from legally sexually trafficking, and exploiting consenting Canadian children by human right.

    Tom and friends said if the majority of these people want to lock themselves into buildings called churches and then do nothing; we will gather together citizens from across Canada who are willing to protect Canadian children! We succeeded in changing Rotten Canadian Parliamentary and Supreme Court Of Canada Law in 2008, by forcing by humiliation Our Canadian Parliament to pass a Bill into Canadian Law to raise the age of sex consent. We published the names of The Supreme Court Of Canada Justices and Members of Parliament who legalized perversion as a Canadian human right, and then asked Canadians If this the Canada they wanted? This united Canadian citizens to force Parliament to pass a Bill into Canadian Law to prevent evil from prospering. This is Democracy in action and our children were watching.

    The ones who lock themselves in buildings called churches and then do nothing will one day answer for this. What kind of people vote for Political Parties,and politicians with rotten policies who pass evil Bills into Canadian Law, and then normalize them to innocent impressionable Canadian schoolchildren as a human right?

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