Prong Hits a Homerun

Ryan Prong, my colleague over at The Catholic Legate, did an outstanding job in defending Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church against his two Muslim opponents on Tuesday night. I was also very impressed with the Evangelical apologist, Joe Boot, who did an exceptional job in describing the context of the Pope’s comments. We do indeed live in incredible times. An Evangelical defending the Pope against two Muslims!

Anyhow, I knew Ryan would be the right guy for this program and I was proven right yet again! 🙂 He was great. He hit every major point we talked about in our conversation the day before, and they were surprisingly not rebutted at all. He was polite yet pressed his points when he saw opportunities, especially the historical aspects of Islam’s conquest in the West. His Muslim opponents’ attempted to gloss over the issue but he kept the ball in their court regarding Islam’s violent history. Instead of descending into the nebulous “future” where there are no real points to debate, Ryan was able to bring the discussion back to the topic at hand.

Two particular exchanges stood out for me. The first was to rebut the Muslim lawyer’s complaint that Benedict referred to a comment by a Christian emperor who was under siege, as if to suggest that such a citation would not be relevant today. Ryan (and basically every thinking Canadian citizen) begged to differ, and he certainly let his opponents know it with concrete examples of Islamic aggression. He also made it a point to cite the double standard of how Muslims are treated in the West vs. how Christians are treated in Muslim countries. And he cited many Islamic countries where this is so, especially in countries like Saudi Arabia. Michael Coren picked up on this and pointed out that immigration is a one-way street to the West but not much traffic going the other way. No guff, eh?

The second point Ryan made was to point to the fact that people cannot question Muhammed’s moral character in either Muslim countries or, increasingly, in the West without fear of violent reprisals. He made this point in the context of rebutting a claim by his opponents that there was freedom of speech in Muslim countries.

On today’s show, Coren spoke quite a bit about the show yesterday and indicated that the reaction was rather overwhelming. Based on the hits I have received over at the Legate, I concur. My traffice increased about 75% yesterday as a result of the show. (Ryan was described as a “Catholic Apologist” for Even Coren commented on how good the website was. 🙂

Anyhow, Ryan has been invited back on Tues. Oct. 17 to have another go. Once I know all of the details, I will post it here. Keep Ryan in your prayers for the show and for his safety!

Guidyup. Catholics finally get to go on the offensive!

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