Humanae Vitae Conference

The Humanae Vitae 2006 – A New Beginning  Conference was the first ever comprehensive conference on Humanae Vitae and the lethal consequences of contraception to our culture.  It was held to celebrate the natural conjugal act and to expose the harmful effects of contraception on family, marriage, Church and society at large.  The name of the conference “A New Beginning” was consciously chosen to signal the shift of popular culture towards human life and generosity to God, and to expose the disordered nature of “contra-ception” which literally means “against the beginning”.  The conference represented the first step in seeking to encourage, equip, and empower Christians with the information and resources they need in order to spread the Gospel of Life.  Listen to first-rate speakers and learn about the recent research into the medical and moral flaws of  contraception.



May 12-14, 2006

Lansdowne Park | Ottawa, Canada

Number Talk Description Speaker CD$ DVD$
HV-1 Feed My Lambs: The Priest as spiritual guide to individuals Fr. Joe Hattie $3 $5
HV-2 Medical Consequences of Contraception * Dr. Maria Kraw $3 $5
HV-3 Natural Family Planning: One Guy’s Perspective Guy Levac $3 $5
HV-4 Contraception & The Breakdown of Marriage Pete Vere $3 $5
HV-5 Procreation Without Union: Addressing the Problem of Infertility Dr. Maria Kraw $3 $5
HV-6 Contraception: Friend or Foe? * Dr. Janet Smith ** **
HV-7 The Spectacular Story of Humanae Vitae & Role of Conscience Dr. Janet Smith ** **
HV-8 The Culture of Life vs.The Culture of Death * Dr. Janet Smith ** **
HV-9 Theology of Your Body Cale Clarke $3 $5
HV-10 Q&A Round Table Smith, Kraw, Cataudella $3 $5
HV-11 The Whole Man & The Whole Mission: Humanae Vitae Discovered Steve Kellmeyer $3 $5
HV-12 Closing Remarks, Yes to Life, Archbishop Gervais Homily $3 $5
HV-13 Sacred Music Society Mother’s Day Concert Symphonia Sacra ** **
HV-PK1 Conference Package – All Recordings (13 separate disks) For TV $30 $50
HV-PK2 Conference Package – All Recordings except concert (1 Disk – wmv format only) For Computer $10 $20
** Available only in package
* 2 CDs

To purchase the above products, please contact us beforehand to make arrangements to pay by cheque or through PayPal.

Shipping costs are extra: add $1 per disk.

The Rosarium is a Canadian Catholic movement of lay people, priests, religious, and bishops which seeks to halt and reverse the disastrous effects of the culture of death in Canada, the U.S., and around the world. We believe that the current moral crisis in Canada has been precipitated by the attack against authentic human sexuality. The Rosarium believes that the foundation of this attack is contraception. Therefore, our principal goal is to restore the Catholic Church’s teaching on the transmission of human life to our culture. In order to do this successfully, we endeavour to expose the damage that contraception has inflicted upon our society and promote the only genuine alternative – a healthy generosity to human life.

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