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In these twelve exchanges hosted by Christian Apologetics Research Ministry’s Faith and Reason Web Radio broadcast, Catholic Apologist Mark Bonocore and Calvinist Apologist Matt Slick discuss the teachings of the Catholic Church. Topics include Ecclesiology, the Canon of Scripture, Tradition, the Papacy, Mary, Predestination, Justification, Purgatory and many other areas of agreements and disagreements between Catholics and Protestants. The first exchanges start out rather stoically, but thankfully the latter ones get a bit more impassioned and more interesting. Mark scores a number of jaw dropping, knock-out blows during this series. (Click here and here to sample just a couple of them.) Interestingly, we are uncertain why Mr. Slick is offering only five of these 58-minute discussions for sale when Mark appeared twelve times on his hour-long show. Mark does an absolutely superb job in exposing the inherent weaknesses of Protestant objections to Catholic teaching and showing the inherent weak foundation of Protestantism. A great resource to share with a Protestant friend.

In this barn-burner of a dialogue, Mark Bonocore takes on Gary Demar on Stu Epperson’s As the broadcast makes evident, the Catholic approach to debunking The DaVinci Code is the most effective way of countering the liberal distortions of our time since it incorporates the early Church’s historical witness to the divinity of Christ. The dialogue, however, soon gets off track with both Mark and Gary defending their respective views regarding the Canon, the Church Fathers, and Eschatology among other topics.

I’m sure you’ve heard it all. The big bad Inquisition – 90 million dead, endless tortures, forced conversions, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. It’s all a bunch of hooey! Were there abuses? Sure, but nothing like the hyperbole and lies you hear about from the media and anti-Catholics. Next Christmas when Uncle Charlie starts whining about the ‘oppression’ of the Catholic Church, stick this great talk by Anthony Schratz in his stocking!

The Catholic Church has always been the greatest liberator of women. No religion has done as much to elevate the status of women in society more than the Catholic Church, and no other organization – religious or secular – can even come close today in legitimately advancing the plight of women today. Find this hard to believe? Well, you’ve probably been watching too much CNN. Next time some excitable, hot-headed feminist starts to spout about being oppressed, cool her jets with this talk by Anthony Schratz.

Staff Historian, Anthony Schratz, reviews this tulmultuous time in Church history. He provides the details and biographies of those who were involved in trying to recapture the ancient lands where Christians were being persecuted. If you’re tired of revisionist history and appreciate an account which recognizes the context of an historical question, then you’ll value this talk. Particularly relevant today given recent world events involving the Islamic world.

The National Film Board of Canada produced a “documentary” called The Burning Times back in the mid-90s claiming that the Catholic Church burned 90 million witches. Yes, folks, that’s no typo…that’s what they claimed. But, consider the source. Anthony Schratz debunks this myth and gives the real number. In fact, it was the Catholic Church who was the responsible and sane voice in this song. Next time some silly feminist starts railing against the Church for persecuting her Wicca friends, cast this spell on her and watch her melt.

Listen to these two Apologists debate Baptismal Regeneration and Infant Baptism [June 24, 2000]. Listen to how Gerry puts forth the Catholic position so eloquently and forcefully from the Bible. You’ll be floored with his ability to piece Scripture together in such a way that completely vindicates the biblical view of infant and baptismal regeneration.

Father Ignatius exposes the great gaps in contemporary false views of toleration and egalitarianism. He is particularly brilliant in showing the utter foolishness of current agnostic and nihilistic thought. This talk is an absolute must for those who wish to show our a-religious and a-moral opponents the futility and meaninglessness of their position. Highly recommended.

Father Ignatius discusses the scientific and the cultural implications of homosexuality in relation to the Church’s teaching. He is very careful to point out that although homosexuals are persons created in the image of God and therefore they must always be treated with respect, their behaviour must be rejected for the good of society.

Art Sippo and James White debated the issue of Justification back in 1991. Listen to how Art easily dismantles White’s unbiblical beliefs and shows the Catholic position on justification right from the Bible.

Staff Apologist John Pacheco gives a biblical primer on the papacy. He surveys the main passages in support of the papacy and shows the sound biblical grounds for this central and unifying Catholic dogma. Far from being only a New Testament revelation, the Papacy has its roots in the Old Testament – even as far as back as Genesis.

John Pacheco presents and ably defends the four dogmas of the Catholic Church regarding Mary. Dissecting the objections which are sometimes raised by Protestants, John goes right to the Bible (and common sense!) to show that there are strong grounds for the teachings surrounding Mary’s title “Mother of God”, her Perpetual Virginity, her Immaculate Conception and her Glorious Assumption. Far from demoting Christ, they exalt Him and honour Him.

John Pacheco presents his best talk yet. Pacheco pieces together the biblical evidence for this mind-blowing Catholic teaching to show how coherent and sound the doctrine is. The Body of Christ is one and so are we with the saints in heaven! You’ll never think about this subject the same way again when you recite the Apostle’s Creed: “…I believe in the Holy Spirit, the Holy Catholic Church, the Communion of Saints…” A great starting point with Evangelicals who have a problem with Mary! Use this approach first, and then your job will be much easier…guaranteed!

Catholic Apologist John Pacheco discusses the biblical and logical basis why all Christians, and not just Catholics, should honour Mary. Fifty minutes of basic but solid instruction.

In his talk on stewardship and trusting God, the founder of the Companions of the Cross, Father Bob Bedard, gives an inspiring and motivating talk which will transform and revitalize your whole disposition toward tithing – in terms of money and time. Yeah, I know. You’re thinking: “Why do I want to listen to a priest tell me I need to give more money to the Church?” There are two reasons: Because when you start to really sacrifice for God, God puts your investment to work for you. Sometimes you get paid back financially; other times spiritually. One thing is for sure, my friend, you are not going to be more generous than God is. Father Bob Bedard is an electrifying speaker who can blow your sad and mediocre life right out of the water and replace with a life on fire for Christ. He’s not the founder of one of the fastest growing religious societies in the world for nothing.


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