Government is going back into the bedrooms

As we have reported previously, under the influence of the second Motoon crisis, Denmark has become remarkably united in its opposition to Islamic threats and extortion.Danish Social Democrats are now going on the offensive. They propose to pay Muslims — even those with Danish citizenship — to leave the country if they don’t like Denmark or the Danes.At Henrik’s suggestion, the text below was translated by TB from a transcript at Snaphanen of a Danish Public Radio broadcast. The speaker is Helle Thorning-Schmidt, the leader of the Danish Social Democrats:

All these people living in Denmark with a foreign background, they should have a choice. They should choose whether they wish to be part of the Danish community, with all the norms and rules that we have in Danish society, or whether in fact they would prefer to be another place. (Source)

Yeah…but…uh…who’s gonna have all the kids?  If you get rid of the immigrants who are not as morally and sexually corrupt, the birthrate goes from the suicidal to the non-existent.

Good luck with that.

Moral of the story:  have productive sex or die as a people and civilization.

That means ditching the rubbers and shelving abortion.  It’s not rocket science. It’s simple math.

Looks like the government is going to get back in the bedrooms of the nation. I guess Pierre Trudeau’s vision didn’t last too long.

The thing about contraception and abortion is that once you buy into it, you have to start to recruit people from other countries to keep your country going. The first wave came from the Christian countries. When that well dried up (because they too started to worship the abortion god), Canada and other western countries started importing from the Muslim countries and that’s when the clash happened.

And that’s why the West is in the shitter right now.  There’s no where else to hide.

And from now on, either we f–k with results or we die.

Any questions?

One thought on “Government is going back into the bedrooms

  1. We know from personal experience that many Muslims are good hardworking people who have overcome impossible odds to make a new home for themselves in Canada.
    We also know that many Muslims take personal offense at any criticism of their religious beliefs. They find it very difficult to understand that, freedom of religion, in Canada means that people are free to criticize Islam as well as any religion except Abortion on demand and Darwinain Humanism which are protected by blasphemey laws or the so-called Human Rights Commissions will fine them and put them in jail.
    This is sometimes very hard for Muslims to understand because they previously lived in Islamic countries, where any criticism of Muhammad or the Quran is viewed as a criminal offence punishable by death.
    Under Islamic law no criticism of Islam is allowed. There is no freedom of or from the religion of Islam in Muslim countries. Sounds a lot like Darwinian Humanist Canada unless we change things.

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