The Problem With Mr. Klees

According to a memo to its members, REAL Women of Canada had some disturbing revelations about Frank Klees:

May 5, 2009 

Memo to: REAL Women Ontario Members

From: REAL Women of Canada – National Office

Re: Ontario Progressive Conservative Leadership Race

As you know, the former leader of the Progressive Conservative Party (PC), John Tory, has resigned. This is a great relief to REAL Women which strongly believed that he was unacceptable as Progressive Conservative leader for many reasons, such as his open support for same-sex marriage and his participation in the annual Gay Pride parade in Toronto.

There are now two candidates for the PC leadership who are of interest to REAL Women. They are:

1. Frank Klees (Newmarket Aurora)

Mr. Klees openly admits that he is pro-life and a Christian. However, he states that he will only support pro-life initiatives if he has the support of the PC caucus. Unfortunately, this is not likely to occur.

2. Randy Hillier (Lanark, Frontenac, Lennox, Addington)

Mr. Hillier is not pro-life, however, he would, if PC party leader:

 Defund abortion;
 Abolish Ontario’s Human Rights Commission; and
 Enact freedom of association and conscience legislation which would protect medical workers and marriage commissioners from participating in procedures that violate their conscience or conflict with their moral views.

If this is true, and I don’t see any reason why it isn’t considering Mr. Klees’ tepid pro-life record, it’s a very disappointing position to take from the perspective of pro-lifers.   He won’t stand up for life or advance pro-life initiatives on his own or with other parties’ members.   This would be bad enough if he were just an MP, but if he is leader then he is obviously not going to use his position to move the laws funding abortion one little bit. So, in other words, Mr. Klees is a theoretical social conservative who blows with the wind.  And just how, exactly, is that going to move the pro-family agenda forward?  Another disturbing report about Mr. Klees by the Globe & Mail says he will urge his followers to support Christine Elliot, who is the most left wing of all the candidates:

Another party insider also said the move is strategic on Mr. Hudak’s part. If Mr. Klees finishes in third place on the first ballot, he is likely to urge his supporters to back Ms. Elliott, he said. (Source)

If this is true, then it provides yet another piece of evidence which should concern pro-lifers greatly.  One must speculate as to how strong Mr. Klees’ pro-family views are, and how strongly they influence his politics.  Mr. Klees was also a little too comfortable in supporting John Tory’s leadership in the past.

2 thoughts on “The Problem With Mr. Klees

  1. Thank you for your investigation. I’ve heard rumors to this effect and am dismayed that a non-christian seems more committed to fighting for the truth.

    It is not enough to be christian in name only. It is especially disconcerting when the so-called christian is afraid, instead of courageous. Why would we elect a timid Christian who is likely to ‘make-way’ for the wicked?

    The closeness to Christine Elliot should be a clear signal something is wrong. If he is picking the wrong allies now, it bodes bad for decisions as the Premier.

    Perhaps it would be worth exploring who Mr Klees is philosophically attracted to. If not our friends on the right, perhaps Frank Klees is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

    I am very concerned at the number of christians who are unaware of how weak Frank really is.

    Rev. Mark Glaab, London ON

  2. One thing I notice in the REAL Women memo above, regards Randy Hillier. The memo says he will defund abortion. This is HUGE. It would be an enormous victory for the pro-life movement in Ontario, and I’m surprised it’s not receiving more attention. I hope the memo is indeed correct in its assessment of Mr. Hillier.

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