Probe Clears Canadian Agency of Funding Abortion

TORONTO, JUNE 22, 2009 ( Nearly four months since the international development arm of Canada’s episcopal conference was accused of having funded pro-abortion groups in Mexico, the agency has been cleared of the allegations.Archbishop James Weisgerber, president of Canada’s episcopal conference, confirmed to ZENIT that a report will be sent to the bishops of Canada this week that will vindicate Development and Peace from complicity in programs supporting and promoting abortion.

The report, which followed an investigation of five Mexican partner agencies that have received Development and Peace funds, is also expected to lead the bishops to evaluate their pro-life leadership in Canada and the protocols followed by Development and Peace.

The agency is also the Canadian member of Caritas Internationalis.

“I can tell you that the bishops’ visit found no evidence that Development and Peace was in any way implicated in abortion services or abortion advocacy,” said the archbishop, who heads the Winnipeg Archdiocese. “[But] that really wasn’t the allegation being made. The allegation is that they are funding people who are involved in other ways, and we found no evidence of that, either.”…

Read the rest of the report here.  Lots of interesting and remarkable comments by Msgr. Weisgerber.  Commentary @ 11.


2 thoughts on “Probe Clears Canadian Agency of Funding Abortion

  1. The Zenit report is very one-sided in reporting the CCCB’s exoneration of itself. Not surprisingly, the author of the article is a reporter from Salt and Light. In case you missed it, S&L seems to be censoring any comments on their blog that express disapproval with D&P.

  2. the S+L website is not censoring its comments… unfortunately the moderator is in Chicago on holiday. He should be back by Monday.

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