Pro-Lifers: The New Whipping Boys

Late-term abortionist, George Tiller – a man who had ruthlessly killed hundreds (if not thousands) of third trimester babies – is going to be the catalyst for the pro-abortion industry to persecute the pro-life movement. They will soon move to squash freedom of speech on this issue and outlaw peaceful protest.  They will access the new buzz phrases of the Left – the so-called “hate speech” and “domestic terrorism” cards.

Despite the fact that the pro-life movement has overwhelmingly condemned Tiller’s murder which only helps embolden the enemies of the unborn, pro-abortion forces will soon seek to use it for their maximum advantage.

Laws were once applied against individuals who broke the law and natural justice. Now the law is going to be perverted as an excuse to strip away a whole community’s natural right to express their views in a peaceful and democratic way.

No condemnation of this act will really help us. 

No appeal to the principle of peaceful resistance and freedom of expression will suffice.

No presentation of the evidence of violence against peaceful pro-life witnesses will help our opponents gain any sort of balance.

They want a totalitarian state and they will use the actions of a deranged and disturbed man – who has no association with the pro-life movement – to smear a whole constituency with this murder.

No one who has any real appreciation of reality will believe that ANY law will actually stop this activity in the future.  We can be the whipping boy of the Left for decades to come, but no one really believes that persecuting the pro-life movement is going to stop the nutcases from doing what they do.  No law can stop a vigilante.  In fact, oppressive laws which trample on legitimate rights are only going to make it worse.  Persecution will only bring retaliation.  Such is the state of our fallen human nature.

This is really not about protecting abortion workers.  The U.S. Attorney General can dispatch a whole army to protect the nation’s abortuaries 24 hours, 7 days a week; he can seek to outlaw protests outside of abortion mills; he can seek to prosecute people who speak the truth about what abortion is, but it is not going to stop the disturbed loner in acting on what he has unconsciously learned from the abortion lobby itself; namely, problems can be fixed by killing human beings.

The only thing that this will mean is a loss of freedom, more violence, and more whips on the pro-life movement’s back.

But they are whips that we must bear for the sake of the truth and the dignity of human life.

2 thoughts on “Pro-Lifers: The New Whipping Boys

  1. This will be difficult John, because the pro-life movement if very influential in many states and it is clear that our side is growing.

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