Pro-Lifer Being Harrassed By Police At Ground Zero – Time To Pony-Up Some Cash GOAL REACHED

A pro-life advocate has filed two assault charges against an Ottawa cop who questioned him Wednesday as he protested outside Morgentaler’s Bank Street abortion facility.

Cyril Winter has been visited by police nearly daily for over a week as he protests peacefully outside the facility. Today the police were there for an hour and a half and gave him two tickets totaling nearly $200.

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Well, it’s started, folks.  We knew it would. We need to resist this with everything we’ve got or we can expect our democratic rights of protest and prayer will be stripped away, little-by-little.  If we let this go, it will be that much harder to regain our footing. This needs to be nailed where it stands. This intimidation needs to be confronted, head-on.

Time to pony-up and get going on a legal offense fund.  Don’t look over your shoulder or behind you, wondering who’s gonna step up to the plate and help this man out with his fine.  There’s no “official” posse in the pro-life movement.  Much of the real disposable cash in officialdom in being used up by “social justice”, abortion-promoting groups, courtesy of the Borg and D&P, while pro-lifers are left “eating cake” and religious and civic freedoms are put in the gutter.

Socon or Bust pledges $100.  Excess funds will be held in reserve as a legal war chest to fight the battle at 65 Bank Street that is sure to come. All for one and one for all.




10 thoughts on “Pro-Lifer Being Harrassed By Police At Ground Zero – Time To Pony-Up Some Cash GOAL REACHED

  1. Where are the pro lifers in Ottawa, could a few not come out and support those older gentlemen by walking with them?

  2. I’ve often thought about going to pray at Ground Zero. I have a little one at home. I think it’s the same thing with a lot of people– have we pre-occupations that are legit but that (collectively) keep us away from witness.

    My dream is to see a group whose vocation is to fight abortion 24/7 — not like the Sisters of Life who offer material assistance. But a group of lay individuals who do nothing else with their time but fight abortion, whether it be through prayer,demos, politicking, petitioning, social media, etc.

  3. Congrats John on raising the cash for this. I see that you have exceeded your first goal and have now raised it. That is great.

    Re taking small children to pray at abortion sites; here in Halifax, we have one mom who brought 4 small children (5 and under) by bus once a week to pray outside the VG Hospital. Plus she is pregnant with #5. She made it an outing for the kids, the bus ride to and from was an adventure, and while there, others helped out with the kids. They were very good, playing in the grass at their mother’s feet and staying closeby, which was important since we pray right next to a busy city street. Her presence there with the children was an incredible witness to those who passed by.

    • Thank you, Julie.

      I’ve always been able to talk to my kids about abortion. Children are much heartier than we suppose them to be. The wilting violets are not the kids. It’s generally the parents.

      Our Lady of Fatima did not show Hell to adults for a reason.

  4. Cy,

    Hang in there.

    Is it true that you’re filing a complaint? When I emailed the Mayor about this he replied:

    “I have confirmed that the Ottawa Police Service and Chief of Police Charles Bordeleau are aware of the incident, and it is currently under review. To date, I am not aware that any formal complaint has been filed by those involved with the Office of the Independent Police Review Director.”

    Maybe you should file a complaint there to start?

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