3 thoughts on “Pro-Life, Texas Style

  1. This is one of the reason’s I started listening to Country music. When I
    first heard the first line or two, I braced myself thinking it would be a pro-abortion song, but he really turned it around to avery positive message.

    I wouldn’t trade any of my six little ones for anything.

    Hey, on the topic of music, for those of you who can’t tear yourselves away from such evil music as Van Halen etc.(no names mentioned) you need to check out http://www.apologetix.com . They are a Christian group that do Christian parodies of popular music but often put in biblical themes while keeping fairly close to the original sound in some (while right on in others- for example instaead of “Love-shack by the B-52s, they do Shadrac and that onesounds exactly like the original).

    Finally back to country: there are some nasty country singers, but there are some notable exceptions like George Strait, Martina McBride, and Alan Jackson who do a lot of songs about family, fidelity and faith.

    Thanks foir sending the link to the video, I hadn’t seen it before.


  2. Thanks for this John. Maybe it’s the hormones of pregnancy but I cried through this whole video ! Great song and message………

  3. Another thing, if you are into hard rock and are concerned of the “evils” of it…..there are some bands that are pro life. One great song comes to mind that we have always “rocked” to…..it is by a band called Galactic Cowboys and it is called “If I were a Killer”. If you cant find it on here anywhere ( I don’t think youtube has it as there is probably no video – I checked ) try to listen to it somewhere, the lyrics are quite something.


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