Pro-Life “Militants”

I’ve heard that “militant” phrase before.  I use to be offended by it. Not so much any more.

Frankly, it’s a compliment. You can either be a militant or a marshmallow.

Which is the Church identified with?  Here on earth, She is called the Church Militant. In Purgatory, the Church Suffering, and in heaven, the Church Triumphant.

Sounds like She’s been through a war to me.

And yet the latest screed by those on the Marshmallow Mad As Hell Tour doesn’t seem to be letting up one little bit.  The latest salvo comes courtesy of John Bentley Mays, writing in the Catholic Register.

I had a chuckle at his claim of how the Left is all about “human rights”.  He should do some reading about what the Leftist political parties did here in Canada regarding human rights and minorities.  He should also disabuse himself of the notion that Big State is the Gospel personified.  Where the State is Big, the role and importance of the Family is demoted.  Take a look around today and tell me that I’m wrong.

And as far as his citation of poll numbers go, they’re misleading because most Canadians have no idea that there are no restrictions on abortion in this country so the poll he cites is completely meaningless and put out there for propaganda purposes.  You can get any answer you want on the abortion question, depending on how it is phrased.

Unfortunately, Mr. Mays’s column is just as valuable as the poll numbers he cites.

The true public opinion on abortion reflects a completely different reality.  Since 2005, 6 in 10 respondents support legal protection for unborn children at some point before birth.  That’s the real opinion. And that’s a result of the hard work and sacrifices that the “militants” have endured these past 40 years in getting out the truth about abortion.  Public opinion is changing. 

Is that public opinion shift because of  the Leftists and Socialists over at Development & Peace

Like I told another speaker of the Marshmallow Mad As Hell Circuit, Mr. Mays, those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

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