Pro Life Laws Under Assault in the Continent of Hope because of D&P

…However, Zeidler warned, “these pro-life policies in Latin America are in great danger. In fact, in some areas these pro-life laws are hanging on by a thread.” He urged Americans to “show solidarity with our courageous brothers and sisters of Latin America who are engaged in a battle for life, family and Faith” and to “unite to save the Continent of Hope…(Source)

Those laws have been and are in the process of being overturned because the Canadian Bishops have their heads in the sand and continue to support pro-abort groups in the Global South.  The reason for this, of course, is because we don’t have one bishop in this country to openly condemn D&P’s ideology and practices because the bishops have long ceded their individual authority to the machine.  They’re basically altar boys of the Star Chamber…or the Borg.

That’s what a perverse form of “collegiality” has done for us since Vatican II – bishops without balls.

(Sorry to be so graphic, but I try to keep up with good alliteration.)

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