4 thoughts on “Pro Life Activist Knocked Down

  1. This is beyond apalling. It is bad enough that those of us who take seriously the cause of the sanctity of life have to be wary of the world but now it is becoming more evident that the bigger fight is within our church. And another great example of leadership shown by our shepherds. I pray for this brave and true Catholic.

  2. Go through it all the time, in one way or another. Great to know who Jesus’
    and Mary’s true disciples and followers are.
    I am constantly being given dirty looks, that people go out of their way for me to see, purposely
    shoved in the parking lot of St. Pat’s followed by insults to boot, and Nazi salutes (or maybe one the Freemason’s sign…don’t know, not totally familiar
    with all of them), in the hallway of said Parish
    corridor downstairs in the hallway near the bathroom, when noone else was present (except of course , Our Blessed Lord and Blessed
    Lady, St. Joseph, and all the Saints and Angels),
    all done by Parish members, some who even collect money, and may be so called Knights of
    I also am happy to report that the status quo is
    alive and well, in Nu- Church, with, the Priests
    using the the Homily time to tell the the sheep
    we should not be like fanatics and go around
    proclaiming the Faith, but just “be”.
    No we would not want to be like those fanatical
    people of old who actually were seeking to do God’s Will, and not the enemy’s by being silent
    especially in the face of evil and the heresy that has become the norm in God’s One Holy and Catholic
    and Apologetic Church.

    St. Joseph , Protector of The One True Church, and Holy Family…… Glorious and Good and Sublime demon destroyer, please intercede for
    Holy Mother Church Jesus Name. We pray;
    Rid the Holy Catholic Church
    at all levels of modernism
    of the satanic freemasonry and freemasons,
    homosexual mafia
    feminist lesbian pro-traceptionm pro-abortion , masquerading , who are really fake catholics for so called “choice,”phoney so called
    false apparitions, from equally fake visionaries
    and all liars and deceivers
    trying to to influence and ruin Your
    Beautiful Magnificent, Holy, Sacred Church
    and cover all who preach and defend the Truth
    in the Church, on the Internet, bloggers, especially , and elsewhere with Your Most Precious Blood, and Mother Mary’s Mantle of Protection.
    St. Micheal ,Defend us
    Lord Have Mercy
    Our Father…
    Hail Mary…
    Glory Be…

  3. Another parishioner following behind Mr. Anthony should have punched.

    It is unbelievable to me that this would happen at church.

  4. Never forget who The Good Shepherd is. Many hirelings only masquerade as shepherds, but are wolves in sheeps clothing, or indifferent.

    The Good Shepherd declares,that his disciples can distinguish Him from the play actors. In a society that normalizes abortion, sodomy and unfaithfulness to students from Kindergartners to University Grads, as so-called human rights,what else can be expected? We pray and then do what all citizens ought to in a democracy. We talk to people in a caring way ,and prove to them what their political apathy is doing to Canadian society starting with schoolchildren.

    Remember elected Politicians pass Bills into Laws,that everyone has to live by,even Kindergarteners. Tom and Molly Landers knew The Good Shepherd. After Chapel they rallied Canadians to press their MP’s to Change rotten 2005 Parliamentary, and Supreme Court of Canada Law that allowed Sex trafficking Predators, and Pedophiles to legally,as human rights, sexually exploit Canadian youth. Finally in 2008 The House Of Commons passed a Bill raising the age of sex consent. This is what righteous democratic citizens do. This is not Rocket Science is it?

    Dr.Tom and friends sat on The Board Of Directors of BC Parents and Teachers For Life. Only Political unity among concerned voters can save our Western Civilization from becoming more like Sodom and Gomorrah.

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