Pro-gay man attacks supporters of traditional marriage

Watch the video below.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt. Be not afraid, friends. Bullies don’t do much harm. They mostly bark, like the guy in the video.

Here’s a priceless exchange from the video:

Peter: “We’re here totally peacefully.

Attacker: “I’m not.”

That sums up how these bullies operate. This is a growing trend. But it’s a sign of desperation. You resort to violence when you have no arguments.

We’re gonna win.

2 thoughts on “Pro-gay man attacks supporters of traditional marriage

  1. Canada and Western Civilization were Christian in Government,Law and Education,before they changed their State Sanctioned Worldview/Religion to so-called “neutral” Secular Paganism Politically, and Legally in the 1960’s!Now the tenets of Secular Paganism are normalized by adults to innocent,impressionable school children.Western Schoolchildren traumatized by Secular Pagan Sex Education today have nowhere to turn.Evil prospers when good men do nothing!

    Pagan Rome converted to Christianity with Emperor Constantine in about 307.This stopped Christian persecution and murder etc. Finally all of Western Civilization saw the Values of Christianity in Government,Law and Education.God bless our youth for confronting morbid values passing as so-called neutral human rights,but our society ought to be helping them politically,by influencing the passing of righteous Bills into law by our Democratic Secular Pagan Governments.Instead adult school teachers,and homosexual activists are normalizing morbid Kinsey Sex Education as Secular Pagan human rights,from Kindergarten to University. What will these normalize as Secular Pagan human rights in their professions in Secular Pagan Western Civilization? Don’t you think we ought to be politically organizing to covert Pagan Canada and Western Civilization,as the Christians of Pagan Rome did? Once a society divorces marriage politically,only Secular enforced Paganism remains.

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