Pro-choicers fewer in number than last year at March for Life

For the last few years, a very small group of pro-choice activists has showed up at the March for Life, in front of the Bell Building on Elgin Street. This year, their numbers were down considerably from last year.

The picture below captures the entire group from behind. It’s a high-def photo, click to enlarge. You can literally count the people. I counted 43, but there may be a few hidden behind others. So we’re looking at 60 people tops.

I guess that when you abort your offspring, your numbers don’t grow as much as those who are open to life.


2 thoughts on “Pro-choicers fewer in number than last year at March for Life

  1. Yes ultimately the biological solution will take care of everything, please God. The liberals who don’t want children, the active homosexuals who can’t have children, the aging hippy new age religious who have destroyed a lot of the post VII church, they will all die out and please God those stronger Christians with faith based family values will carry on.

  2. One has to remember that in a democracy the laws of the land depend on Bills passed into law, by the majority of our elected leaders. If schoolchildren continue to be taught Kinsey Sex Education in Canada and the West from Kindergarten to University by adults, and by Government decree won’t they be brainwashed to live it? I started school every morning in Canada with The Lord’s Prayer, because my parents and grandparents were politically involved to keep it that way. In a democracy political organization and coherence by citizens leads to righteous government, and political apathy and indifference is the same as surrender to secular morality ,don’t you think?

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