Pro-choice universities get body-slammed on Michael Coren show

Two of the students that got arrested at Carleton, Ruth Lobo and James Shaw, appeared along with other pro-life students on the Michael Coren show this week to expose the pervasive repression against pro-life movements on university campuses across the country.  You should definitely watch this show. It is available online here.

The courage and poise of these students is amazing.  The future of the pro-life movement is in very capable hands.

Michael Coren does an incredible job of demonstrating the incoherence of the position taken by “pro-choicers”.

José (JoJo) Ruba of the Canadian Centre for Bioethical Reform also makes an appearance.  He is such a smooth operator and a great apologist for the pro-life cause.

The tone of the show is very calm, non-inflammatory and somewhat stoic.  It’s mostly factual.  No fire and brimstone here.  Yet, one cannot help but come away with an acute repugnance towards the subjugation of our universities to the petty interests of the abortion crowd.

A great show all around.

4 thoughts on “Pro-choice universities get body-slammed on Michael Coren show

  1. Pro-choice universities endeavour to persuade the people that they are no better than beasts, the whole body of their institution tends to make them beasts of prey, furious and savage. For this purpose the active part of them is disciplined into a ferocity which has no parallel.

  2. Ted, we have many pro-life doctors. The Pagans fire the ones without tenure, and they give a hard time to the ones with tenure. Some of our doctors sit on university councils, but they are outnumbered by the secular pagans. Also Ted, many Nicolaitans, call themselves Christians. Many Nicolaitans also buy air time from television networks and convert multitudes.

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