Pro-choice radicals oppose ‘unborn victims’ crime bill

Sadly, for a relatively small number of pregnant women, life’s final scene ends with a violent act usually perpetrated by their closest male ally. Bill C-484 will recognize the sanctity of human life in its most innocent and vulnerable form, and further punish some of society’s most despicable offenders.In their opposition to the bill, pro-choice activists seek to deny justice for abused women who weighed their options and chose life. (Vancouver Courier)

What a breath of fresh air that main stream publications like the Courier are finally allowing columnists to express their opinions on the rights of unborn children. 

In their zeal to protect their access to abortion, pro-abort propagandists will steamroll over any measure to limit the destruction of unborn children in the womb — even if it means trampling over their own self-professed dogmas. 

Mr. Hasiuk also rightly points out that what the pro-aborts are really doing is protecting the “right” of male thugs to exercise their “choice” over helpless women and their wanted unborn children.  Oh wait, that’s another line we always here too: every child a wanted child.   Like “pro-choice”, that’s another pro-abort slogan now officially shelved by the abortion trollops.   It’s not about choice or a wanted child, after all. It’s about abortion at all costs, at any cost.

One thought on “Pro-choice radicals oppose ‘unborn victims’ crime bill

  1. According to a recent newspaper item Joyce Arthur has said that there should be preference for birth over abortion due to overpopulation. That, to me, is a radical statement far to the left of most pro-choice thinking. It also gives insight into the kind of philosophical perspective that she brings to the discussion of Olivia Talbot’s baby and the loss felt by that family. This attitude would not allow her to have insight into the magnitude of their loss or the resolve and passion behind their efforts. Given Mary Talbot’s feedback in the paper about how she has been treated by the pro-choice movement it’s all more understandable.

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