Pro-Choice? Pro-Censorship

From today’s National Post…

The Carleton University Students’ Association (CUSA) has decided that pro-life groups on campus are not entitled to student-club status, will not receive student-union funding, nor be able to use CUSA-administered meeting rooms. The decision this week follows a similar decision this semester to deny club status to pro-life clubs at UBC Okanagan and Capilano College in Vancouver. That three campuses would be so infected by the totalitarian impulse is not shocking, but nevertheless appalling.

That said, CUSA’s action is Orwellian, mean-spirited and more than a little weird.
CUSA’s policy is aimed at what it calls the “anti-choice” agenda. Their anti-anti-choice solution is to do what they can to penalize students who argue for a different choice. The new policy at least clarifies that CUSA is not “pro-choice” at all, but flat-out pro-abortion. In CUSA’s conception, choice means denying students the choice of forming clubs to reflect their interests. It is straight out of Orwell’s 1984.

Moreover, the CUSA policy is oddly pointless. If the campus is as enthusiastically pro-abortion as CUSA claims, what added advantage is to be gained from this policy, at a serious cost in terms of the university’s reputation as a place of debate and free speech?



In retrospect, the pro-abortion movement has handed pro-lifers the best Christmas gift we could have ever imagined. What has this whole thing accomplished?

1) It has made CUSA look like a bunch of totalitarian thugs who seek to muzzle dissent on a university campus, no less. How ironic is that?

2) It shows just how radical and comical the current university climate is in Canada. Not only are they centres for (wink wink) “diversity and tolerance”, they are showing that they don’t have the intellectual stamina to host real thinkers.

3) It has shown us that the pro-abort cabal really cannot debate this issue and therefore must resort to Stalin-like tactics to shut their opponents up. Let’s face it, if you have the superior argument, what do you really have to fear?


4) It will galvinize the pro-life movement to understand just what they are up against, and make us go on the offensive.

So thank you very much, Banana U. We couldn’t have done it without you.

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