Pro-choice priest loses it

Get a load of the latest outburst by our favourite “Catholic” priest, Fr. Raymond Gravel.

By Patrick B. Craine

JOLIETTE, Quebec, July 9, 2010 ( – “I do not accept being judged by idiots of your temper,” wrote the infamously pro-abortion and homosexualist Fr. Raymond Gravel this week in response to a concerned fellow Catholic.

“Keep your nonsense to yourself!” the priest added.

The LifeSiteNews (LSN) reader, described by friends as a mild-mannered professor, had sent an e-mail to Fr. Gravel’s bishop, Gilles Lussier of Joliette, after a report Tuesday that the priest is scheduled to train catechists and others at the Cathedral in the coming months. The diocese apparently forwarded the e-mail to Fr. Gravel. (Source)

Earth to Fr. Gravel:  that “nonsense”, as you call it, is the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Not only is Fr. Gravel a disgrace to Catholicism, but he apparently can’t control is temper.

I can understand the concerns of the LSN reader upon hearing that Fr. Gravel will be training catechists.  What a disaster in the making.  Imagine the distorted teachings that those catechists will be spreading.

LSN kindly provided key email addresses, including Fr. Gravel’s personal account, the address of his bishop, and that of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.  It’s all in the article quoted above.

Now that Cardinal Ouellet, the former Archbishop of Quebec City, is the Prefect of the Congregation for Bishops, he has a much greater influence in the Vatican on such matters.  While the LSN article doesn’t provide his email address, I bet that if you c.c. his old address in the Archdiocese of Quebec, they’ll forward the correspondence to him in Rome.  Here’s the address:

I personally couldn’t resist.  I had to write an email to Fr. Gravel’s bishop (see below).  I encourage you to do the same, but do it respectfully.  Don’t write in an angry tone, but don’t be afraid to speak the truth either.  If you can write in French, please do it, but please don’t translate an English letter into French using an online tool; you’d be better off sending an English letter.  Make sure to copy Fr. Gravel so that he realizes that he’s “under probation” by the faithful.  If he sends you an angry reply, please forward it to us.  Your anonymity is guaranteed.  We’ll just make a collection of his rants  🙂

If you can’t read my email below because you don’t know French, click here for a rough translation by Google.

—–Original Message—–
:  Steve G
July 12, 2010 9:48 PM
‘’; ‘’
‘’; ‘’; ‘’
Le Père Raymond Gravel

Cher Monseigneur Lussier,

Salutations au nom de Jésus Christ.

Je vous envoie un bref message pour vous exhorter à suspendre immédiatement le Père Raymond Gravel de ses fonctions de prêtre.  Au cours des dernières années, il est devenu clair que le Père Gravel n’est pas fidèle à ses promesses d’ordination de demeurer fidèle au magistère de l’Église.  Il s’oppose publiquement à l’enseignement du magistère et est devenu l’objet d’un scandale énorme dans votre diocèse et à travers le Québec.

Dans un pays libre, le Père Gravel a le droit d’exprimer ses opinions.   Cependant, s’il veut s’opposer publiquement à l’évangile du Christ, il devra être conséquent avec ses positions et ne plus jouer la mascarade d’être prêtre catholique.

Je vous prie d’agréer, Monsieur, l’expression de mes sentiments les meilleurs.

11 thoughts on “Pro-choice priest loses it

  1. I agree. The bishop ain’t doin’ his job. That’s why it’s so important to cc the CDF and Cardinal Ouellet so that higher instances be aware of what’s happening.

  2. The greater responsibility is that of his bishop – and all the other bishops who know about this and do nothing, particularly the presidents of the CCCB and the AEQ.

  3. Sounds more like the Secular Humanist education establishments, courts and government. This is what happens when the pew potatoes sit out the culture war and stay out of politics. This includes so-called Protestants, Catholics and traditionalists.
    The anti-Christs ought to be teaching the Saints.

  4. Steve, thanks for this important information. I have written the appropriate sources. Thanks for encouraging letterwriting, Steve. Obviously centuries of church doctrine is not having an effect, so good old fashioned public pressure is second best!

  5. Thanks for getting this information out to readers. I keep Raymond Gravel in my prayers; his is a very sad case. The first time I saw him speak was when he opposed Ken Epps private members bill to criminalize the killing of an unborn baby. Gravel does not represent the Catholic Church. I cannot understand why the Bishop has not removed him.

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